14 Phere Review : Vikrant Massey and Kriti Kharbanda starrer Love Family Movie

14 Phere review

As a breath of fresh air comes in Devanshu Singh directed film 14 Phere on the Zee5 streaming platform which starrer Vikrant Massey and Kriti Kharbanda in Lead Roles. In 14 Phere review, the movie focuses on Sanjay Lal Singh and Aditi Karwasa there budding romance that commences from college going on living with one another. After that they face roadblocks when they contemplate marriage which specific focus on conservative and restrictive nature of their respected families. The plan they formulate which include hiring actor to poses their parents to satisfy both parties leading to title of the film “14 Phere” and two times ceremony as also increase situational comedy and confusion that will follow form the storyline of 14 Phere.

What are Good and Bad aspects of 14 Phere Review? The writing in its First Half, while going for such a film it is intended the fun experience and light Hearted. This is pertaining to the interaction between two main characters and dealing with their own family member. There is a natural Aura in chemistry between both the character and how their romance commences from college. It is refreshing to see organic development of a relationship in Hindi cinema. The problematic conversation in living room while arrange marriages are planned and Hilarious way of father demand for dowry. Another father stated that she left the job if you are not like it. In 14 Phere review, it takes several grave and problematic social issues and tackles them with comedic lens. Probably the most hilarious has to be the acting process of Jameel Khan and Gaur Khan, who assumed to world to be there stage and improvised every situation to get there best while pretending to be each one parents. 

Far Fetched Sequences, See what comes with the situational is that there lot of sequences which test the pragmatic mind in your head but it will through the conviction of writing of the film allow you to complete surrender to its obscenity. In 14 Phere review, Song Picturisation if you really invest your time to watching the musical sequence from this film. There are carefully designs for screenplay perspective and exactly capture the mood of the lyrics. Whether it is the budding romance of “Hum Dono Yun Mille” or specially the song title “Ram Sita Sang” beautifully by Rekha Bhardwaj the intension through visual is to capture the essence of the music. In 14 Phere review, Excessive use of Background Music, this is another case of comedy film not being convinced that there writing is not enough to generate laugh for audiences. There such an excessive use of background music to assist all the gags in this film. At least the first half of the movie is genuinely funny.

In 14 Phere review, The Cast you know about how talented is this cast and even though I fear that Vikrant Massey might be on the journey to get type cast in these romantic comedy which are becoming basically version of same just because he is dependable actor it is tough to see him convince us to become rather mediocre project. Irrespective of my primitive fear of the actor going on a path I honestly don’t want to see more power to him showcasing sincerity and conviction with the role of sanjay. In 14 Phere review, Kriti Kharbanda lends great support in this film as well and I genuinely think she is much more talented than she is credited for.

In the Supporting Cast, Priyanshu Singh as Chotu and Yamini Das as Sanjay Mother are phenominal. I have say though most enjoyable performances that of Jameel Khan and Gaur Khan in this film. While Jameel Khan Showcases why he is consider being such veteran actor and it was Gaur seem to be having most fun in his role as Zubina. Probably showcase that she is more than cable of pulling of a lead role in a film. In 14 Phere review, Standard Messy Climax the film like many other social romantic comedy film set in India fall in the same trap that several films fallen into. I genuinely wanted to wholeheartedly love the film but it messy climax just reminding me of the format of formalin social cause that we already seen in Pati Patni and Who and Dreamgirl Movies.

Cast and their Characters

14 Phere review
Vikrant Massey
14 phere review
Kriti Kharbanda
14 phere review
Vineet Kumar
14 phere review
Gaur Khan
14 phere review
Jameel Khan
14 phere review
Yamini Das

The star cast of 14 Phere Movie are Vikrant Massey as Sanjay Lal Singh, Kriti Kharbanda as Aditi, Yamini Das as Sarla Lal Singh- Sanjay Mother, Gauahar Khan as Zubina, Priyanshu Singh as Chotu, Vineet Kumar as Kanhaiya Lal Singh, Jameel Khan as Amay, Iamrealmohsin as College Student, Rajendra Bhatia as Tau, Govind Pandey as Aditi’s father, Bhupendra Shahi as Theatre Director, Rashmi Ruby Verma as Sanjay’s Bua, Manoj Bakshi as Banwari, Sonakshi Batra as Sneha, Sumit Suri as Vivek, Bhupesh Singh as Mishra and Ehsan Mohammadi.

Relese Date and Rating of the Movie

A Zee5 Romance, Comedy and Drama movie is set to premiere on 23 July 2021 in Zee5 streaming platform. In 14 Phere review, this movie is for the people who love the family sagas and Shaadi Dramas. Due to its simplicity of characters and fun comedy it would be wise choice to watch this movie in the Weekend with family. All the comedy gags brought up the smile on the faces and performances make you remember the characters. 

Critic Rating :

14 Phere movie is rated 3.0 star rating by average user critic rating. In 14 Phere review directed by Devanshu Singh, try to showcase how much problems has to face between two marriages in on screen and off screen. 14 Phere is the situations which are dealt with lightly but we are shown that what are families are truly capable of.              

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