Afterlife of the Party Trailer Review : Victoria Justice Starrer Netflix Original Romance Comedy Film

Afterlife of the party Trailer Review

Netflix upcoming romance comedy film “Afterlife of the Party” official trailer is released on Monday, 16 August 2021. Afterlife of the party comedy film is led by Victoria Justice, who is a party girl that accidentally dies after a night when she drunk excess. But Instead of going to Hell or Heaven, she had given a second chance to make amends with the loved ones to make thing right over the course of 5 days’ time limit. If she completes her task she is definitely going to heaven.

Director Stephen Herek will be directed this Netflix original film. Stephen also directed the romance drama movie “Same Time, Next Christmas”. This film is written by Carrie Freedle with Robyn Snyder and Deborah Evans. If we look into the trailer we see full on comedy moments, emotional, sentimental, family drama and also romance drama too.

The synopsis of this film centres on Cassie (Victoria Justice), party planner and Social butterfly is on the top of the world but due to a freak accident in her 25th birthday brings it all crashing down and dies during her birthday week. After the night she wakes up in the waiting room where she meet Val (Robyn Scott), her guardian angel who gave her a second change to do right her wrongs on his life with his loved ones. More importantly she has to prove that she is worthy enough to make it to the big VIP room in the sky also called as Heaven. After that Cassie breaks through the spiritual form and went to communicate with his best friend Lisa (Midori Francis) and get her help to set things right with everyone.

Netflix romance comedy drama movie Afterlife of the party is set to premiere on 2 September 2021 in Netflix streaming platform. The makers saying that this movie will show you the true meaning of the friendship. Check out the trailer of Afterlife of the party:-

The feel good romantic drama will be feature stars Victoria Justice as Cassie, Midori Francis as Lisa, Robyn Scott as Guardian Angel, Adam Garcia as Howie, Timothy Renouf as Max, Gloria Garcia as Sofia, Myfanwy Waring and Spencer Sutherland.

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