Amazon Lords of the Rings : First Look, Story Plot, Release Date and Everthing You Need to Know

Amazon Lord of the rings

It been three years since, Amazon acquired the TV Rights of Lords of the Rings. The multiple season television adaptation of J.R.R Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” is transformed into some big money adaptation. After the several months of this amazon series announced new cast members had joined the project and the grand sets of this series will take in New Zealand. If talk about the budget of the first season of this show is estimated to come at 450 $million and if you compare with Game of thrones budget first season was estimated to cost $90 million.

The synopsis of this new Amazon Lords of the Rings will take to the heroic legends of the second age of Middle-earth history. The epic drama is set thousands of years before the events of the Hobbit and the lords of the rings, where great powers are forged around the great people, kingdoms rose from the glory and ruin and long feared greatest villain re-emergence from the beginning of the time. An evil power emerges from the darkest depths of the misty mountains and went to majestic forests of Elf-Capitol of Lindon. The kingdoms, characters that were in previous television movies are gone.

Amazon’s has planning to showcase minimum 5 season series with the 10 to 12 Episodes in the seasons. The shooting of this first two seasons were already been filming in New Zealand. The pilot has completed and it is currently in the post production. The most well-known action movies of the lord of the rings trilogy are directed by Peter Jackson. New Director J.A. Bayona will be directing the first two episodes of this amazon series of Lords of the rings.

The new amazon series would be a prequel series and it is rumour that this series is focussed on the young Aragon. We also get to see the island of Númenor, the home of Aragorn’s and his ancestors. In twitter the makers also posted the map of the middle – earth maps. Lords of the rings series will be premiere on September 2022 in Amazon Prime video streaming platform.   

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