Army of Thieves Trailer Review: Ludwig Dieter Return in Prequel Movie of Army of Dead

Army of thieves trailer review

Army of Thieves official trailer is released on Sunday and Netflix reveal the first teaser trailer with Army of Dead has the prequel movie title as “Army of thieves”. After the DC extended verse Zack Snyder coming up with Netflix as the story writer and Matthias Schweighöfer return with the lead role of Ludwig Dieter and also directed this movie. This crime thriller prequel movie is set on the events before the Army of Dead or Zombies Apocalypse. Ludwig Dieter, German Safe cracker is recruited by a mysterious woman Nathalie Emmanuel who wants to use the ability of Ludwig when people of America are distracted by the zombies and steal money from the bank vaults across the Europe.

Ludwig Dieter lead the group of aspiring thieves Gwendoline (Nathalie Emmanuel), Korina (Ruby O. Fee), Brad Cage (Stuart Martin) and Rolph (Guz Khan) who get the top secret heist in early days of Zombies Apocalypse. This Trailer promises that plenty of action and crime thriller scenes involved in the movie. I don’t think so the rest of the cast get too much to shine in this trailer but Army of thieves still look promising to the fans of Army of Dead and also Zack Snyder Zombie universe may be getting a kick start.

Release Date of Army of Thieves

Army of thieves is set to release on late 2021 in Netflix streaming platform. It seems that Army of thieves will be full heist movie and No Zombie outbreak in this movie. As far we know that the Army of thieves was in a post-production before the release of Army of Dead and Matthias Schweighöfer role of safe cracking expert was going to be the most popular character in the Army of Dead. Netflix, Zack Snyder and Matthias Schweighöfer, the director of this movie have foreseen the role of Ludwig Dieter.

Star Cast of Army of Thieves

The Star cast of Army of thieves are Matthias Schweighöfer as Ludwig Dieter, Nathalie Emmanuel as Gwendoline, Ruby O. Fee as Korina, Stuart Martin as Brad Cage, Guz Khan as Rolph, Jonathan Cohen as Delacroix, Noémie Nakai as Beatrix, Trent Garrett as Mr. Cool Guy , John Bubniak as Chris, Barbara Meier as Lucy, Jim High as Rooftop Agent, Ted Otis as Snob, Dan Bradford as Big Tough Guy, Garrett Marcantel as Agent Bob, Jenn Kirk as Teller and Trish Osmond as Inge.

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