Bannerghatta Movie Review : A Night Gone Awry

Bannerghatta movie review

Amazon prime video has dropped the official trailer of upcoming mystery thriller movie “Bannerghatta” on Saturday, 28 August 2021. This film starring Karthik Ramakrishnan and Asha Menon in the main lead roles. if we look into the trailer, we get to see Aashiq is driving at night to deliver a packet, while phone from his family are coming on and keep coming in. But he tells lie to other to each of them, he also gets call from his sister who lives is Bengaluru and she tell that she might be in danger.

The official synopsis of Bannerghatta movie is set on moving vehicle which Karthik Ramakrishnan’s Chracter Aashiq is driving, he is caught up in some financial issues and he were going in the night to deliver some packet. But At night one call from his sister Aashna, coming and ends abruptly. He feels she might be in danger and from there on an excited journey started.

This thriller Malayalam drama film is directed by debutant Vishnu Narayanan and written by Arjun and Gokul. According to the director Vishnu, “We are glad that our movie is the third direct-to-OTT release on Amazon Prime Video. While Bannerghatta will initially be released in Malayalam, it will also be dubbed in three other languages.”

The star cast of Bannerghatta movie are Karthik Ramakrishnan as Aashiq, Asha Menon as Woman on street, Anoop as Police constable,  Faizal as Man Driving Car, Hari as MLA’s Driver, Narayanan Kutty as Ambulance Driver, Nadeshan as MLA, Master Nivedh, Prakash as Lorry Driver, Sree Raghuram as Ashik’s Child, Sunil as Sub Inspector, Vinod as Police constable.

Release Date and Rating of the Movie

Bannerghatta movie is released on 25 July 2021 which is available on Amazon prime video streaming platform. bannerghatta movie is a thriller show which revolve around Karthik’s character and Bannerghatta forest of Karnataka is an important aspects of the movie storyline. 

This movie is rated 2.0 Star rating by average critic viewers. The 80 minutes time duration mystery thriller film is shows the hints of horror, this film puts experiences which has over explanations and they also took real life details which slow down some typical thriller. The first 30 minutes of the movie is going on Aashiq calls with friends, family, enquires about his sister and  goes through perfunctory conversation.  

Bannerghatta Movie is Available on Amazon prime video

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