Bhuj The Pride of India Movie Review : Ajay Devgn Film Streaming On Disney Plus Hotstar

Bhuj the pride of india movie review

Bhuj the Pride of India is an action historical drama which is directed by Abhishek Dudhaiya. A story is based on 300 Bhuj villagers from Kutch mostly women risked their lives during 1971 in India Pakistan war and aided the Indian air force to rebuild the heavily bombed and damaged Bhuj Airstrip within 72 hours. The intense labour and sufficient execution helped him making the India combat aircraft take off and face the opposing forces. The Area been under constant threat and the labours was signalled with siren when coast will clear when the Pakistani forces where incoming. Any arrangement of food and water, despite all of that resilient and brave. The movie which is sold to Disney plus Hotstar has all the elements to work and rile up the audience into the theatre.

The opening credits of bombing of the airstrip. The course of movie events led to the attack, flight lieutenant Vikram Singh (Ammy Virk) with officer R K Nair (Sharad Kelkar) and spy Heena Rehman (Nora Fatehi) are introduced. Bhuj plays out like an outdated Bollywood action entertainer where action sequences, shrill dialogues and songs at regular intervals. The stories of women’s of Kutch were portrayed high pitch dialogues and a bhajan.

What is Good and Bad aspects of this movie? This movie is intends to be a Bollywood star vehicle rather than an authentic tribute to the Indian armed forces. It only spotlight the two top names character Sanjay Dutt, playing an Indian villager who can walk in and out of Pakistan at will and Ajay Devgn in the role of Squadron Leader Vijay Srinivas Karnik. The Good, Scale and Certain Sequences, the only thing that is find out commendable that the vision to tell the story irrespective of materialize story. The introduction scene of Ajay Devgn has been shot brilliantly where he moves through the Carnage in Bhuj airstrip.

Sharad Kelkar, the only act that I found natural and convincing the role R K Nair while everyone was delivering dialogue feel like they were recite poems. It is noted that All the other Cast has some powers in this film But Kelkar seem to only one armed as well as hand to hand combat is realistic. Hyper Nationalism, the portrayal of nationalism is so over the top. Unintentionally funny dialogues, there are so many moments in the film that has intense action taking place and the stakes is very high but the dialogues written are so awkward and hilarious.

Cast and their Characters

Bhuj the pride of india movie review cast

The Star Cast of Bhuj the pride of India movie are Ajay Devgn as Vijay Karnik, Sanjay Dutt as Savabhai, Nora Fatehhi as Heena Rehman, Sharad Kelkar as RK Nair, Sonakshi Sinha as Sunderben Jetha Madharparya, Ammy Virk as Vikram Singh, Pranitha, Monazir khan, Jay Patel Zahid Ali as Mukhtar Baig, Armaan as Armaan and Rahul Chaudhary as Virag Patel.  

Release Date and Rating of the Movie

Bhuj the Pride of India movie is Available on 13 August 2021 in Disney plus Hotstar streaming platform. The upcoming hindi language historical war drama is directed by Abhishek Dudhaiya who is try to showcase the real power of being in Indian as Bhuj villager who help the Indian Airforce by rebuilding the Bhuj airport airstrip against the Pakistani forces in  the 1971 Indo-Pak war.

Critic Rating:-

This is movie is rated 2.0 star rating by average user critic rating. The first half is fully scattered with the various character cameos and giving various speeches with the context. The Deception of events lead to the Bhuj air base attack is disorderly. But the second half started with the real action and unfolds the story. This gripping thriller is worth to invest your time and also aerial combat scenes keep you to watch the film.  

Bhuj The Pride of India is streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar

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