Black Clover (Anime)

Black Clover

3 Oct 2017 | English and Japanese
Animation. Action. Drama
Country of Origin : Japan
Streaming On : Netflix
Black Clover
Seasons : 04 | Episodes : 170 | Critic's Rating :

Creator : Yūki Tabata

Storyline : – One the Best action adventure animated series “Black Clover “same as Naruto. Two Abandoned brother Asta and Yuno was left at same church on a same day. In the world of magic everyone in the clover kingdom has natural ability of magic but Asta born with No magic power and on the other side Yuno was a genius in magic control. To receive the Grimoire aka Magic Book they have to train – Asta can’t use magic so he trains physically. After receiving Grimoire they went to clover kingdom to complete their dream to be the greatest and most powerful mage in the kingdom. As teenagers, both selected as a Magic knight – Yuno get his four leaf grimoire with the power of wind and Asta receive his own five leaf grimoire with anti-magic ability. They start friendly rivalry to become the next wizard king.

Star Cast : Dallas Reid, Cris George, Jill Harris, Christopher Sabat, Micah Solusod and Brandon McInnis

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