Candy Review: Richa Chadha and Ronit Roy starrer Mystery thriller Voot Select Series

Candy review

The mystery thriller Voot select Series “Candy” is billed as a murder mystery which is set against in the backdrop of a boarding school in the mountains. Where a student from the school is found murdered and founded on the top the tree for display. Also one classmate Kalki Rawat is missing and seems to drowned in water. The locals of Rudrakund are thinking student were killed by monster name “Massaand” that lurks into the woods. Candy Series is starring Richa Chadha as a police officer and Ronit Roy as a Teacher in the most important roles.

It opens with a shot of pictures of mountains peaks of Rudrakund where this story is set in a boarding school. One day a mysterious death of a student Mehul Awasthi in a cold winter of mountains of Rudrakund shake the universe around the people of mehul and one of them is his mentor Ronit Roy Character who are not convinced with the death. After that Ronit Roy and Richa Chadha Chacrater who played as DSP Ratna Sankhawar join as team to unravel this murder mystery case.  

What is good and bad aspects of Candy Series?

Candy review

Candy is very engaging mystery thriller series from start to finish with lots of twists in storyline. This show is layered where we see corruption, drug abuse and sexual assault. The dialogue of the series needed to be rooted in reality. The characters were either giving long speeches full of metaphors or they were using profanities in places that didn’t require them. It made the show look like it was trying too hard to achieve the desired tone. The same could be said about the amount of gore in the show.

In terms of performances, Ronit Roy does a lot of heavy lifting in the show. He is carrying the existential dread that we have come to associate with him over the years. A father grieving his daughter’s suicide, Roy’s Jayant Parekh is a faculty member at the school in Rudrakund, who sees himself as a parental figure for some of the school kids. So it is understandable when he goes a little overboard after discovering that his ward was found murdered in the forest. There is absolutely no doubt about how good Roy is as an actor.

Richa Chadha borrows a little bit from her previous work but brings out the different shades that her character requires. Riddhi Kumar is a revelation and seems to have a bright future. Nakul Roshan Sahdev, who plays the spoilt Vayu Ranaut, is quite impressive in his stint.

Cast and their Characters

Candy star cast

The star cast of Candy crime thriller series are Ronit Roy as Jayant Parekh, Richa Chadha as Ratna Sankhwar, Riddhi Kumar as Kalki Rawat, Nakul Roshan Sahdev as Vayu Ranaut, Manu Rishi Chadha as Money Ranaut, Gopal Datt as Headmaster Thomas, Anju Alva Naik as Sonalika Parekh, Abbas Ali Ghaznavi as John Dhakar, Aditya Rajendra Nanda as Sanjay Sonowal, Vijayant Kohli as Father Markus, Bodhisattva Sharma as Imran Ahmed, Mihir Ahuja as Mehul Awasthi, Prasanna Bisht as Ritika Awasthi, Ayesha Kaduskar as Sahiba Joshi and Pawan Kumar Singh as Naresh Rawat.

Release Date and Rating of Movie

The voot select series Candy is available on 8 September 2021 in Voot streaming platform. this show is all about Good vs Evil between Bullying, drug-taking, sexual assault, murder – Candy is always on an often unpleasant rampage. Find Out what they are with Candy”

Critic Rating:-

The rating of this series is 4.5 star rating by average user critic rating. The Storyline is set in cold winter in Himalayas, where a single murder of high school student forces the agonized teacher and a female cop to join and hunt down the killer. All the Eight episodes is brilliant and mind blowing concept.

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