Cinderella Movie Review : Camila Cabello Starrer Musical Fairy Tale

Amazon Cinderella movie review

Cinderella Movie is released on 3 September 2021. Camila Cabello will be playing the role of the new princess Cinderella and the classic tale of the Cinderella story has lots of changes. Modern day Camila Cabello’s Cinderella is a dreamer, who is not liked the other princess and looking for any prince or some royal living place dream. She wants to get out from his basement where she lives with his step mother played by Idina Menzel and start his own business as “Dresses By Ella”.

The Amazon prime video is taking the Cinderella movie into a new perspective. Cinderella is based on empowering women who help other to take the leads in their lives. Cinderella movie has lots of changes like the whole part of love life with prince is change into the Cinderella dreams. Billy porter as Fairy Godmother took the idea of being business women rather to provide well oriented dress for Ball room.

What is good and bad aspects of Cinderella movie?

Amazon cinderella movie review

Director and writer Kay Cannon will be directed this modern day musical version of fairy tale “Cinderella”, which is light hearted tribute to the original story with pop songs. There is positive perspective of Cinderella who is confident, independent, young and also don’t need any price to save because she has own goal which she want make in reality. This is not any kind of romantic love story movie but it ends with the romantic at all.

The musical songs of this movie are straight on point with the storyline and also include humour and jokes which aimed to audiences. Camila as an actor is doing good and chemistry with Nicholas Galitzine is sweet enough to make people love this movie. It is good movie for family viewing and takes some necessary challenges to change the original storyline.  But the minus point is this movie is totally feminist based and portrayal of a gay fairy godmother is most stereotypical.

Cast and their Characters

Amazon Cinderella movie review

The star cast of Cinderella movie will be Camila Cabello as Cinderella with including Idina Menzel, Minnie Driver, Nicholas Galitzine, Maddie Baillio, and Charlotte Spencer, with Billy Porter and Pierce Brosnan. Producers are Leo Pearlman, James Corden, Jonathan Kadin, and Shannon McIntosh, and executive producers are Louise Rosner and Josephine Rose.  

Release Date and Traile of Cinderella Movie

This fantasy family movie Cinderella is available on 3 Sep 2021 in Amazon Prime Video Streaming Platform. This iconic fairy tales of full time is firstly under the Sony project but due to corona virus pandemic hit the traditional distribution plans and Sony shifted the project to Amazon. Producer James Cordon and film makers have taken this fairy-tale and revamped it with fresh that will resonate the audience and families around the world. Kay Cannon’s also saying that our global customers can dance and sing along with this imagination of the classic fairy tale story.

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