Confessions of an Invisible Girl Trailer Review: Netflix New Brazilian Teen Movie

Confessions of an invisible girl trailer review

Netflix has dropped the official trailer of upcoming charming Brazilian teen film “Confessions of an Invisible Girl” on Thursday, 26 August 2021. This heartfelt movie is based on the fun best seller book Confissões de uma garota excluída (Confessions of an excluded girl) by Thalita Rebouças. This teen comedy drama movie is set on Rio de Janeiro which follows the story of 16yr old young girl who doesn’t feel accepted at school and at home.

The official synopsis of Confessions of an Invisible Girl movie follows the young girl name Tete (Klara Castanho) who just wants to be accepted and have some fun. But her life will change completely when her parents need to move to her grandparents’ house, the girl Tete is forced to start into in new school. Now She will be trying everthing like she can ran away from the same bullying she has faced in the past.   

The teen comedy drama Portuguese film is directed by Bruno Garotti who is well- known for his work on Rich in love and written by Bruno, Thalita Rebouças, Flávia Lins e Silva and Christiana Oliveira. If we look into the trailer we can see new home, new friends, crushes or boyfriend, social pressures, some awkward situations and self-love all become challenges for this invisible girl who just wants to be herself.

The teen movie “Confessions of an Invisible Girl” is set to be premiere on 22 September 2021 in Netflix streaming platform. According to the Netflix, “When the clever but socially-awkward Tetê joins a new school, she’ll do anything to fit in. But the queen bee among her classmates has other ideas.” Check out the trailer of Confessions of an Invisible Girl Netflix film:-

The Star cast of Confessions of an Invisible Girl movie are Klara Castanho as Tetê, Lucca Picon as Erick, Júlia Gomes as Valentina , Marcus Bessa as Zeca, Kiria Malheiros, Fernanda Concon as Laís , Gabriel Lima as Davi and Caio Cabral as Dudu.

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