Dial 100 Movie Review : Manoj Bajpayee and Neena Gupta Starrer Crime Thriller

Dial 100 movie trailer review

The Hindi language action thriller drama movie “Dial 100” is released on Zee5 Streaming platform. Written and Directed by Renzil D’Silva with featuring star Manoj Bajpayee, Neena Gupta and Sakshi Tanwar. This movie follows the story of a Mumbai Police Senior inspector Nikhil played by Manoj Bajpayee is on the duty at a control Room. One rainy night, Nikhil Sood working in a Mumbai police emergency call centre gets a distress call from an unknown woman who wants to commit suicide. On the other side he has some tension between his wife played by Sakshi Tanwar and his son Dhruv.  

This conventional story of suspense writers take turn when Nikhil Sood find out that the women on this phone had asked by his name. As the movie plot going, Nikhil find out the real identity of this hysterical women played by Neena Gupta, while saving the life of this women Nikhil leads to endanger his own family. The film revolves around the two set of parents who get into the cat and mouse game. One of the couples has a score to settle and other parents are into this messy confrontation, later they have to play along. This is the basic story plot of Dial 100 movie.

Based on a story and screen play by D’Silva, he addresses the themes of bereavement and grief and binds them into parenting, crime, money, and power and police corruption. Dialogue by Niranjan Iyengar takes this movie into crisp pacing; Rakesh Dhawan’s and Raju Singh’s are set quietly tense background score. Most part of control room, Dial 100 overcomes the loopholes like entry of key character Manoj Bajpayee and Strangely less populated city.

Cast and their Characters

Dial 100 cast

Manoj Bajpayee as Nikhil is etched out with a lot of care and offer to display a very calm police officer at starting scenes and later he display as helpless father and Husband whose police uniform is no used in this situation where he pushed into. The Performances of supporting cast are consistent and compelling, where Sakshi Tanwar as Nikhil Wife is well balanced with his character. The women on other hand of the phone Seema Pallav played by Neena Gupta who has an ulterior motive for this phone call, later she has upper hand on the senior inspector. The women is cold, calculated voice begins to give Nikhil tension and he has to take this case with extreme care because his wife and son in danger. One of the characters of Dial 100 movie, the rich spoilt kid Yash Mehra played by Aman Gandolra, a winner of television talent show India Next Superstar in 2018.  

Relese Date and Rating of the Movie

This Crime thriller drama movie Dial 100 is released on today, 6 Aug 2021 in Zee5 streaming platform. In Dial 100 movie review, the basic storyline is that a Mumbai police officer gets a call from the hysterical women, who try to commit the suicide. But Police officer tries to save his life while this woman has a different plan where she takes his wife and his son captured. Later try to confront this police officer to tell the hidden dark truth which connects this storyline.

Critic Rating :

Dial 100 movie is rated 2.5 star rating by average user critic rating. The director D’Silva work in this movie is little bit flat. The Narrative is jerky and the storyline unfolds smoothly. The First half of this movie was quite good because of Manoj Bajpayee character Nikhil Sood and when the movie reach it’s to midway it losses all the fizz and even manoj bajpayee acting can’t save it.

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