Eternals Final Trailer Review : Reveals Why Eternals Didn’t Join the Fight Against Thanos and Deviants Arrival

Eternals final trailer review (1)

Marvel Studios dropped the final trailer of upcoming movie “Eternals” on Thursday, 19 August 2021. The last and final trailer of Marvel Studios Eternals answers the biggest questions about why eternals didn’t help avengers against in the fight with thanos and How the Avengers: Endgame after events might waken up the deadly beast “Deviants” which started the war between Celestials and Deviants.  

The story of Eternals follows about the titular beings that lived in the secret on earth for more than 7000 years. Eternals, the race of immortals beings who were created by entities called by Celestials and they were given tasked to protect the earth beings from the evil deviants (evil Counterparts). They have to shape the earth history and civilizations.

If we look into the trailer we get to see Ajak (Salma Hayek) is heading to meet Ikaris (Richard Madden) or Eternals Leader, where she tells about the How earth avengers beat thanos and saved the universe, but the hulk snap produced massive amount of energy that bring back emergence (As per popular theory the emergence is Deviants Invasion to earth), mankind oldest enemy. Ajak also told that they have only seven days to do it. After that Ikaris sets out on a journey to regroup the Eternals to fight against the new threat.

Eternals final trailer review spaceship

We also get to see glimpses of Eternals Triangular black Spacecraft where some power-up gathering around the statue of Celestial. The live action deviant’s scenes with some wings, tails and fangs. Ikaris showing his powers to shooting golden eye energy light against the creature which resembles the Superman. Eternals trailer gave the closer look of Black Knight (Kit Harrington), where he asks Sersi (Gemma Chan) about why eternals didn’t bother to help the avengers fight against thanos. In the first trailer Eternals are powerless to stop the human conflict because of their non-interference oath.

Eternals final trailer review red celestial

The unanswered question about why Eternals didn’t join the fight against thanos? Sersi confirms that Eternals are prevented from interfering in human history by their creators, The Celestials. We also get clear look of Red Coloured Giant Celestial. In this movie we get to see some stunning visual moments like Gemma Chan’s Sersi touches a wall which causes the light to spread across the wall. We speculated that this scene is shooting inside the Eternals ship. Sprite (Lia McHugh) cast the illusionary fireworks display and also materialise the Eternals member in a desert, this could be sprite illusionary powers.

In previous trailer we see the Angelina Jolie’s as Thena, with her ability she can construct any weapon and it is useful in fight. But when Gilgamesh (Ma Dong- Seok) approaches to Thena, she doesn’t react well like family reunion. She attacks with her Golden light Spear but Gilgamesh stops it with single handily. In the battle between Eternals and Deviants, Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo shows off his powers with locks and loads the power of energy and shoots them on Deviants.


The new celestial reveal in the final Eternals Trailer is Green and this figure could be Jemiah the analyser from the marvel comics. Green celestial also uses the same golden energy that eternals using. We get some glimpses of Lauren Ridloff as Makkari speed powers. The Eternals Villains is most probably Kro, the evil leader of Deviants in Marvel comics. In trailer scene we see Kro captured the Thena in creepy back tentacles.      

Marvel Studios Eternals is set to be premiere on November 5 2021 in theatres. Marvel teases with the statement “When you love something, you protect it”. Check out the final trailer of Eternals:-      

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