Kuruthi Movie Review : Roshan Mathew & Prithviraj Sukumaran Starrer Religious Horror Thriller movie

Kuruthi Movie review

The freshly new Malayalam drama movie “Kuruthi” is released on Amazon Prime video. The socio- political thriller is directed by debutant director Manu Warrier and written by Anish Pallyal starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Murali Gopy, Roshan Mathew and Shine Tom Chacko in the lead roles. The film revolves around an ordinary house where group living there are facing extraordinary situations where people faith of religious is put to a test in this movie plot.

The synopsis of Kuruthi Movie, Ibrahim aka Ibru, is a man living in the small town where his life is in trauma because of his past. A horrific landslide happen in Kerala where he lost his wife and daughter life. One Day suddenly, a wounded police officer knock on the door with a Hindu prisoner where a Muslim family is stuck in a house with this Hindu prisoner who killed a Muslim Man and there is tension in air. The victim’s son looking for Hindu guy for killing his father. The large part of this movie is set into this house communal dynamics, relationships, religious Fanaticism and the Holy Slaughter.

In this movie we see clash of religious ideologies, dramatic feelings and the mostly one is Displaying the Dark sides of communal politics. Whether this movie is worth it or not? The film works around intriguing and constantly seems on the edge of starling movements. The overriding feeling of this movie is left you with dazed confusion.

The cinematography by Abinandhan Ramanujam is sumptuous when outside and inside the house is claustrophobic. The ensemble cast of Prithviraj Sukumaran, Roshan Mathew, Mammukoya, Murali Gopy, Shine Tom Chacko, Srinda, Nalsen K Gafoor and others cast are also excellent. Some of the writing seems intentional and the characters can do little to elevate.

Cast and the Chracters

Kuruthi Movie review cast

The Star Cast of Kuruthi movie will be Prithviraj Sukumaran, Shine Tom Chacko, Murali Gopy, Roshan Mathew, Srindaa, Nalsen K. Gafoor, Mammukoya, Navas Vallikkunnu, Sagar Surya, Manikandan R. Achari, Harris Desom, Harris Desom, Shamsudheen, Renith Elamadu, Navya Davy, Aiza Hassan, Muhammed Iruvattath and Jordi Joseph.

Relese Date and Rating of the Movie

This horror drama movie “Kuruthi” is released on 11 August 2021 in Amazon prime Video streaming platform. This film was expected hit into the cinemas in 13 May but due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and Kerala lockdown, this movie got delayed. Director Manu was saying that “Kuruthi is a brave, bold film to make and must watch”. The expression from the entire cast was amazing like the Sadness of quick flood deaths and after a smile when some blunder from moosa.  

Critic Rating :

Kuruthi is rated 4.0 star rating from the average user critic ratings. The powerful performances from the Prithviraj and Roshan Mathew are totally required for this bold film. The entire cast and crew was behind this masterpiece and standing ovation for this exemplary work in this film. The intensity and Voice of the movie was Backed by Supriya Menon under the productions of Prithviraj.

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