Love 101 Season 2 Trailer: Netflix Turkish Teen Drama Show Is Return

Love 101 Season 2 trailer

Netflix has dropped the official trailer of upcoming teen love drama show “Love 101” on Thursday, 9 September 2021. The Love 101 Netflix series is follow the group of students who tries to make their teacher fall in love with the basketball coach to save themselves from getting in trouble at school. Love 101 Season 2 is feature stars Kubilay Aka, Mert Yazicioglu, Alina Boz and Selahattin Pasali.

The official synopsis of Love 101 season 2 is follows a group of four students Kerem, Sinan, Eda and Osman who are about to get expelled from the school in Istanbul and all the faculty members are against them. But one teacher Burcu, understands and tries to protect these four misfits from trouble. When the four students know about Burcu is going to change the school, they came up with the plan to play cupid and try to Burcu to fall in love with basketball coach.

The series is directed by Ahmet Katıksız and written by Meriç Acemi with Destan Sedolli, managed to write another 8 episodes for Love 101 Season 2. If we look into the trailer we get to see they have to put a bigger fight for their friendship, love and courage because life gets more difficult as you grow up.

Love 101 Season 2 is set to be premiere on 30th September 2021 in Netflix streaming platform. According to the Netflix, “A new student joins the crew as their feud with Necdet escalates and a new love blossoms while existing relationship fray under pressure. Check out the trailer of Love 101 Season 2:-

The star cast of Love 101 season 2 will be Pınar Deniz, Kubilay Aka, Mert Yazıcıoğlu, Alina Boz, Selahattin Paşalı, İpek Filiz Yazıcı, Ece Yüksel, Kaan Urgancıoğlu, Müfit Kayacan, Bade İşçil and Tuba Ünsal.

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