Love on the Spectrum Season 2 Netflix Trailer Review : Wedding and Romance Reality TV Show

Love on the spectrum season 2 trailer review

Netflix has dropped the official trailer of upcoming new season of Australian wedding and romance reality show “Love on the Spectrum” on Tuesday, 24 August 2021. Love on the spectrum season 2 is expected to be very similar to the previous season, like young adults on the autism spectrum as they try to navigate their life towards the love, dating and relationships. This Netflix series will be feature some appearances that help the cast members through the journey like Family, friends, relationship coach and clinical psychologist.

The official synopsis of Love on the spectrum season 2 follows the seven new young adults who are searching for a perfect match on the autism spectrum plunge into the bewildering world of dating. If we look into the previous season, the world will fell in love with each member and became international sensation. The fans felling their highs and lows as they were into complicated world of dating.

This Netflix reality television show is directed by Cian O’Leary, who was inspired by real dating experiences and said that “In making television series about disability over the years, I have spoken to many young adults on the autism spectrum as well as families, job coaches, psychologists and autism organizations. One thing really stood out for me: So many people on the spectrum wanted to find love, but many had never even been on a date in their lives.”

The Love on the Spectrum Season two is set to be premiere on September 2021 in Netflix streaming platform. The trailer introduces viewers to the stars, who all have the same goal: to find love. “We all want our happily ever after,” someone says in the clip, “but it’s more complex than that.” Check out the trailer of Love of the Spectrum Season 2:-

The Star cast of Love on the spectrum Season 2 will be Michael season one favourite along with a date Chloe and Mark who appear to be connected in season one. In the trailer we get to see Sharnae and Jimmy, who got engaged in season one. There are also several new couples are coming to this season.

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