Luna Park Teaser Review : Netflix New Series On Historic Amusement Park of Rome

Luna Park Teaser Review

Netflix has dropped official teaser of upcoming Italian original series “Luna Park” on Monday, 23 August 2021. Luna Park Netflix series is based on historic amusement park of Rome in 1960’s where two different generations are connected and destined in the Luna Park. This new series will give retro flavour and dive into the world of Rome when it in his 60s.

The official synopsis of Luna Park is set in 1960’s between the magic of Luna park and Glamour of Roman Dolce Vita. The story follows a young girl Nora Marini (Simona Tabasco) from carnival youth and Rosa Gabrielli (Lia Grieco) from roman elite who went on Luna Park for carnival with his boyfriend. Later on when Rosa meet with Nora than an intertwining of intrigues and secrets reveal a truth that has been hidden for years.

This Netflix original series is directed by Leonardo D’Agostini and Anna Negri. This 1960’s based amusement park series is written by Isabella Aguilar, who is well-known for his work on 2018’s “Baby” Drama series. This Italian series is produced by Fandango, who said that this series will compose six episodes in Luna Park.

This mystery and family intertwining series Luna Park is set to premiere on 30 September 2021 in Netflix streaming platform. Check out that teaser of Luna Park Netflix series:-

The Star Cast of Luna Park will be Simona Tabasco as Nora Marini, Tommaso Ragno as Nora’s father, Milvia Marigliano as Nora’s Grandmother Mirande, Mario Sgueglia as Nora’s Uncle Ettore and Ludovica Martino as Stella. While Lia Grieco as Rosa Gabrielli, Guglielmo Poggi as Rosa’s Brother Giggi, Paolo Calabresi as Rosa’s father and Fabrizia Sacchi as Rosa’s  Mother Lucia.

The events of the Marini and Gabrielli families in Luna Park are intertwined with Baldi Family, which has Lando (Michele Bevilacqua) and Doriana (Lorenza Indovina), Children Matteo (Edoardo Coen) and Simone (Alessio Lapice).

The other cast members are Giulio Corso, Matteo Olivetti, Alessandra Carrillo, Gianfranco Gallo, Davide Valle, Roberto Evangelista, Giulia Ricciardi, Lidia Vitale and Ilaria Loriga.   

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