Maharani Web Series Review : Huma Qureshi get involve in political chess in upcoming series

Maharani web series review

A fictionalised political drama “Maharani” web series created by Subhash Kapoor under Sony Liv Network. In Maharani Web series review, it focuses on a political landscape of a Bihar, due to certain circumstances the chief minister of the state find himself physically incapable of running the office. When this leads to conflict in the political party and lust for power among the minister it’s ultimately come to the decision of the ruling CM (Sohum Shah) who will take the rain of state? But Bihar CM announces the name of his successor an illiterate woman or Bihar CM Wife Rani Bharti played by Huma Qureshi which shocks the other political parties. In Maharani Web series review, the journey of adjusting the new professional life something that she never asks for the judgement and betrayal she faces from all angles. But finally warming up to the profession and becoming the voice of resented tackles several problems that already exist in a state and its administration including investigation on corruption and tackling excessive violence forms more or less storyline of maharani.

The series is rumour to be based on Rabri Devi life when she became the chief minister of the state when Lalu Yadav embroiled in a fraud or a scam and had to quit from politics. While the Catalyst of the Maharani Web series review is almost identical to the events that took place in Bihar in the 90’s. The series takes many fictional characters from that timelines. The storyline of this series is well created and written by Subhash Kapoor and storyline represents investigation of the frauds scam and taking into consideration of several social reality of Bihar state.

What is good and bad aspects of maharani web series review? Episode titles, the creator name the episodes like movie titles which showcase the progress of maharani character Rani Bharti while the several examples of basic description that showcase little to know effort from the creators. The show possesses very much authencity and the casting of a show like maharani really is exemplary and most of the cast bring out the essence of a state of Bihar. The series successfully cover many politics aspects that includes gender ratio, sexism comment on women, regressive cast system and also includes deep seeded corruption of the system.

In Maharani Web series review, More than anything the basic day to day hurdle that protagonist has to face as a mother; wife and chief minister showcase the reality of being a woman constantly fighting between what is expected from them v/s what is right. The underwhelming aspects form this show is Tiring tropes, there is a trend of characters and web series that is in one tone like one of the showcase of Hindu god man having illegal business running and preaches to the public at the same time. In Maharani Web series review, Slow storyline and Simmering conclusion many will feel that series like maharani never really crescendo to keep you on the edge of the seat but in my opinion it is basically design to be slow start and then introduced to the character trade which synonymous to the Bihar population.

Cast and their Characters

Maharani web series review
Huma Qureshi
Sohum Shah
Maharani web series review
Amit Sial
Maharani web series review
Pramod Pathak
Maharani web series review
Vineet Kumar
Maharani web series review
Atul TIwari

The cast of political thriller Maharani web series are Huma Qureshi (Rani Bharti), Sohum shah (Bheema Bharti), Pramod Pathak (Mishra Ji), Atul Tiwari (Goverdhan Daas), Amit Sial (Navin Kumar), Vineet Kumar (Gauri Shanker Pandey), Kannan Arunachalam (Siddhant Gautam), Kani Kusruti (Kaveri Sreedharan) and Inaamulhaq (Parvez Aalam).

Huma Qureshi starrer main lead role as Rani Bharti and huma has done brilliant job in this series. Huma make sure to convince the world of Maharani and its role in Maharani Web series review is much understated effective and confidence performance join rani in his journey.

Sohum shah plays as bheema bharti, the recovering chief minister who is dedicated his life to politics. His affection towards his wife and how it is slowly transform into resentment for the decision taken by her in office is very fascinated to witness.

In Maharani Web series review, Amit Sial plays as Navin Kumar, the leader of opposition party who challenge the ruling party and Amit Sial is well known actor who work in Jamtara, Simple Murder and Kathmandu Connection.

On the topic of loving people consisted doing work Kani Kusruti as Kaveri Sreedharan, Rani secretory is also brilliant in the series and the bond between Rani and Kaveri is heart-warming as well.

On the supporting Cast Vineet Kumar, Atul Tiwari and Inaamulhaq who leading the investigation of the corruption charges and this cast leave their mark in this web series.

Release Date of Maharani web series

Release date of political chess Maharani Web series is 28 May 2021 and upcoming series is streaming on SonyLIV platform. This show will consist of 10 Episodes and each episode represents the progress of lead character Rani Bharti.

Rating of Maharani web series

 A Political drama Maharani Web series is rated 7.2 out of 10 in IMDB rating. This web series showcase the drama which set in Bihar of 1990’s and the lives of chief minister rani bharti and how she change the way of political world.

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