Marvel Studios What If…? Trailer Review : Iron Man Meets Killmonger and Alternate Multiverse Timelines

What If marvel animated series

Marvel studios is dropped a new video on first marvel cinematic universe animated web series “What If…?” on Tuesday 3 Aug, 2021. The MCU has many different television shows planned for this show but this animated web series is showcase the different perspective of the marvel universe and also considers what would happen if certain MCU character played out differently.

If we look into the official trailer, we see the first episode of What If…? Will be consider the world where Peggy Carter takes the super soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers, Late Chadwick Boseman aka T’Challa is goind to captured by  and become a Star-Lord. New trailer revealed some more character details like Killmonger coming to Afghanistan to save Tony Stark aka Iron Man and Battle of New York has some new faces from the Guardian of Galaxy. Captain Carter and Doctor Strange appear together in What If..? Animated series.

Some glimpse of the trailer- Zombies version of Marvel superheroes Iron Man and Captain America, An alternative world where Ultron won and capture the earth with millions of Ultron army and Uatu the Watcher will be the series narrator of this alternative realities. It is clear that there a lot of different and amazing stories in this new animated series.

The Brand New trailer of What If…? Series is also confirmed that this show is set to be premiere on 11 August 2021 in Disney Plus streaming platform and the Ten- episodes will be featured in this new freshly season. Check out the new trailer of What If…? Series :-  

Bryan Andrews will be directing this action animation television show which is inspired by Long Running Marvel Comic Series What If…? That will explore the same events with different character in the MCU verse. Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige also said that What If…? Season 2 also coming with even more alternate timelines. The Beautiful animation, different concept and surprising twists will be seen in the What If…? Series.

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