Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes Trailer Review: Netflix True Crime Documentary Film

Memories of a murderer the nilsen tapes trailer review

Netflix is coming up with crime drama documentary “Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes”. This upcoming documentary based on the wealth of personal tapes left in the cell after the death, including 250 hours of unheard recordings which take this film to a Nilsen’s world. Dennis Andrew Nilsen born in Fraserburgh, Scotland  also known as Muswell Hill Murderer or British serial killer who lived in London and murdered. Nilsen has homosexual attractions that why he is loner but he kept the corpses of his victims in own flat for just company. In 1983, he caught when the neighbour household drains were congested and later on drain cleaning company found human flesh in drain and calls the police. He was convicted for six murders and two attempts of murders but police believed that he killed 15 Men and Boys in between 1978 to 1982.

When Dennis Nilson is 6yr old then his beloved grandfather unexpected death leads to his behavioural psychopathology. When he became 16yr old he joins the army as a butcher in army catering corps, learning the skills which help him in killing spree. After leaving the army in 1972 he went on police training where he fascinated about morgue visits and autopsied bodies. In 1975 he is living with a teacher name “David Gallichan” in a garden apartment in London but Gallichan told that he has never made homosexual relationship with him. Later he left and Dennis life begins towards the fall and he killed the first person after 18 months later.

All the elements of his life add up in the documentary including the interviews of police, journalists, survivor, bereaved families, and for the first time killer own voice how he get the obsessed with the multiple murders and attempts on a boys and men. As far we know that he met his first young victim in a pub and invite him for dinner in home. But later he strangled the boy and takes his corpse and washes it before place into his bed. He sleeps one night with him and later hides in under the floor bed and after several months he burned the remaining decay in garden. We also heard the original Nilsen voice in the trailer saying that “I am not a Monster. I am a Man….Awkward, isn’t it?” and you can also watch the trailer of Memories of a Murderer: The Nilsen Tapes.

This True crime documentary film is unique and inserted with the amazing fact about the Dennis Nilsen which is set to be premiere on 18 Aug 2021 in Netflix streaming platform. It is directed by Michael Harte whose is famous for serial killer documentary series and also credits as an editor of Emmy winning Netflix Original series “Don’t F**K Cats: Haunting An Internet Killer”. The running time of the documentary film would be 1hr 24min. Dennis Nilsen was verdict of being guilty of six murders and the judge sentenced him to be life in prison. In this documentary we watch serial killer Dennis Nilsen narrates his life journey and horrific crimes through his audiotapes which is recorded in Jail Cell.

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