Metal Shop Masters Trailer Review : Netflix Competition Reality TV Series

Metal shop Masters trailer review

Netflix dropped the official trailer of new reality TV competition series “Metal Shop Masters” on 11 Aug 2021. This new upcoming series is fully based on the reality competition between the metal artists as they torch, cut and weld, and create epic badass hardened streel creations. Only one will win the prize of $50,000 prize.

The synopsis of the series is that a fiery, fierce competition between 7 American top welding legends. In this journey the men and women race against the clock in challenging builds ranging from epic futuristic vehicles, all the participants were judged on both form and function. If we look into the trailer the heat, pressure and hustle for welding work will be interesting to watch and also the title of Metal Shop Master.

If you watch the reality shows like Car Master: Rust to Riches, this new reality show competition will feel you like the new and fancy metal shop masters where people is going to be thrilling, sparks are flying as metal artists will be doing all so they can beat the competitor with their own different styles of Metal Designs.  

Metal shop master season 1 is set to be premiere on 10 September 2021 in Netflix streaming platform. This show will be consisted of six episodes which are released worldwide. This series is produced by Kirsty Robson who previously worked for Remastered Documentaries and also Co-produced American Grit. Check out the trailer of Metal Shop Masters Season 1:-

The Show is hosted by Jo Koy, An American stand- up comic. The judges of this show will be Stephanie Hoffman and David Madero. The contestants of this reality show are not revealed by Netflix yet maybe we can learn about the contestants along the way.

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