Midnight Mass Trailer Review : Mike Flanagan’s Next Horror Netflix Series

Midnight mass trailer review

The brand new of Midnight Mass horror web series is released on Monday, 9 Aug 2021. Netflix is coming with Horror mystery web series “Midnight Mass” which is created by most critically acclaimed original TV- Series “The Haunting of Hill House” Director Mike Flanagan, who helmed with Doctor Sleep sequel and many shows with streaming service giants.

The Basic story plot of this web series is set on Crockett Island, where a small island community are amplified by the return of disgrace young man (Zack Gilford) and also arrival of charismatic young priest (Hamish Linklater). After the coming on his island there are weird and miraculous events are starting to take place. But wonders, “Do these miracles come at a price?”. If this is Mike Flanagan series, this web series get creepy as Paranomal activities in the whole town and also dive into the community supernatural terrors. In this trailer we see glimpses of ghostly figures, a cult movement, and animal’s death.

Netflix announced that Midnight mass will be premiere on 24 September 2021. This horror drama of this web series will be consisting of seven episodes directed by Mike Flanagan. The writers and producers of The Haunting Series are also working on Midnight Mass Series. Mike also said that on Twitter that this series is not at all connected with The Haunting Series. Check out the Trailer of Netflix Midnight Mass Series:-  

The Star Cast of Midnight Mass web series will be Hamish Linklater and Zack Gilford who are playing pivotal roles in the series. The other cast members are Rahul Kohli, Annabeth Gish, Robert Longstreet, Kate Siegel, Henry Thomas, Michael Trucco and Kristin Lehman.

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