Mimi Movie Review: Kriti Sanon and Pankaj Tripathi Starrer Surrogacy Drama

Mimi movie review

We are surprised to see this early delivery of “Mimi” Movie and ready to talk about the Laxman Utekar directed film Mimi starring Kriti Sanon, Pankaj Tripathi and Sai Tamhankar in lead roles of the film. This is a remake of the very popular and impressive 2011 film Mala Aai Vahhaychy! That also won the national award in the same year. This 2021 adaptation focuses on Mimi, a popular dancer in Uttar Pradesh in 2013 who has aspirations to become a part of bollywood star in one day. After that she gets approached by an American couple who are mesmerized by her and want her to help them in the process of surrogacy and in return for a huge sum of money. Mimi played by Kriti Sanon takes the plunge only having one goal in mind that she will move to Mumbai immediately after finishing this term but the complications that follow as the American couple leaves prematurely leading to Mimi having to figure out life and the setbacks that she will face forms the storyline of the film.

What is good and bad aspects of Mimi Movie? The underwhelming aspects, the trailer may be the biggest pet peeve about the promotional marketing campaign of Mimi and how much they did reveal in the trailer of the film. I had joked about it once that trailers these days should be considered to be movie summaries at this point as it reveals so many key plot points of the film that it actually takes away from the movie going experience. the excessive use of background music and sound effects i may be coming across as an individual that constantly repeats this point especially when it’s regarding films that have comedic gags but there is a massive over reliance on the background score and sound effects to double down in making you understand what the mood of the scene is in Mimi.

The film boasts of some hilarious dialogues and some genuinely convincing performances and there should be massive faith that the creators should have on both those aspects to do enough and even more to impact the audience whether it be the dramatic moments or funny dialogues. The good and the interesting A R Rahman album, I was surprised when got to know that A R Rahman has composed the music of this film. The most memorable work of A R Rahman but it has a very unique texture that actually elevates the overall impact of a film like Mimi. The dialogues written by Rohan Shankar and the screenplay that has been adapted by both Laxman Utekar and Rohan from the 2011 film written produced and directed by Samruddhi Porey which is actually quite impressive.

The essence of the bond of anyone that bears a child in their womb is portrayed with conviction whether it be Pankaj Tripathi’s character playing music according to the mood of the people around him or whether Kriti speaking to the bollywood posters in her room being nothing but wide-eyed of the several possibilities that lay ahead or the analogies created in the process of surrogacy the film is absolutely packed with bollywood references that don’t come across as fast. The dialogues actually are seamless and surprisingly hit the right note in the first half verse. Where the second half especially in its last half an hour stands out as the film’s best quality you might experience that the same gags are being stretched in the first half but you will experience being absolutely invested emotionally in this film’s last half an hour.

Cast and Thier Characters

Mimi movie review
Kriti Sanon
Mimi movie review
Pankaj Tripathi
Mimi movie review
Sai Tamhankar
Mimi movie review
Manoj Pahwa
Mimi movie review
Supriya Pathak

The star cast of Mimi movie are Pankaj Tripathi as Bhanu, Kriti Sanon as Mimi, Atmaja Pandey as Rekha Pandey, Sai Tamhankar as Sharma, Evelyn Edwards, Aidan Whytock, Manoj Pahwa, Supriya Pathak, Deep Joshi, Jeet Raidutt, Amardeep Jha, Jaya Bhattacharya, and Akash Solanki.

Release Date and Rating of Movie

This comedy drama movie is set to be premiere on 26 July 2021 in Netflix streaming platform. In Mimi movie review, there is a 25yr old girl has a dream to fulfil her ambition to become an actress in Mumbai city but American people using huge amount 20 lakhs and take a promised from Mimi to be a surrogate mother. Life isn’t all the sunshine and rainbows, after all. After the breakup between the American couple, a potential health hazard unborn child leaves the Mimi dream to be shattered.

Critic Rating :

Mimi is rated 4.0 star rating by average user critic rating. In Mimi review, it is directed by Laxman Utekhar, who tries to showcase the emotion of being a surrogate mother and offers to carry a baby through pregnancy on behalf of couple and return the baby when the baby is born. Surrogacy has been restricted in India for a reason because foreign couple from other countries frequently coming and search for a surrogate, who is suitable to bear the child and these practices is give the social and ethical implications.

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