Modern Love Season 2 Review : Real Love Stories About Real People From New York Times Column

Moden Love season 2 review

Amazon Prime video series “Modern Love” is coming up with the new season 2 of modern love based on the New York Times essay column of the same name, written by real people. Modern love season 2 adapted the new anthology style series which is based on emotional, sentimental, missing connections, falling in love and heart-breaking episodes.  

The first episode of Modern Love Season 2, “On a Serpentine Road, with the top down” this episode tells the story of a women who want to sell his late husband’s car, despite it constantly breaking down to her. This heart-breaking episode makes the case for occasionally allowing things that carry sentimental value. This story behind this episode is adapted from women name Doris Iarovici’s who the essay with the same name on 2016.

The second episode is “The Night Girl Finds a Day Boy” this episode tells the story of a Night Girl who has a circadian rhythm disorder called delayed the sleep phase and the day boy who love the bright and light. This two lovebirds doesn’t has the same schedule but they try to work on it, by moving together in the apartment filled with bright light of either sun or moon. This essay written by Amanda Gefter’s who had almost broken us with the biggest challenging relationship.

The third episode is based on the tiny love story, “Strangers on a Train” this episode tells the story of two strangers who met on a train and six hours ride on a train begins their love story? But due to trusting the power of universe they hadn’t exchange their phone numbers. This episode starring Kit Harrington from the Game of Thrones and Lucy Boynton who took some liberty to tell the story with creativity. This love story is written by Cecilia Pesao on 2020.

This series fourth episode follows the story of young girl who tells the story who has crush on her best childhood friend. “A Life Plan for Two, Followed by One” Episode four is written by Marina Shifrin’s who grew up in Illinois, where she and his friend grow up together, sleep together and also went college together.

Episode FiveAm I …? Maybe This Quiz Will Tell Me” follows the story of a young girl who trying to finds out her sexuality with the help of Buzzfeed Quizzes. This episode is diverges about dating in adulthood and grafting in school-aged girl. Episode fifth story is written by Katie Heaney who this essay on 2018 with the name of “Am I Gay or Straight? Maybe This Fun Quiz Will Tell Me.”

The sixth episode of modern love season 2 follows the story of formal soldier who get the divorced from his wife after his wife has affair with his co-worker. One day he in the psychologist office waiting room where he meet his ex-wife lover ex-wife who are not together anymore. After the meeting they went to coffee together and his journey start healing. “In the Waiting Room of Estranged Spouses” episode story is written by Benjamin Hertwig essay on 2016.

Seventh episode follow the story of two formal lovers who has differing memories of one fateful night spent. This episode is written by Andrew Rannells 2017 essay where he names the eassy, “During a Night of Casual Sex, Urgent Messages Go Unanswered”. This essay showcases the Andrew view point of this situation. The last and final Eighth EpisodeA Second Embrace, With Hearts and Eyes Open” based on Mary Elizabeth Williams’ 2014 essay where she tells about the extremely faithful story of love, loss and reconciliation.

Modern love season 2 review

The Star cast of Modern Love season 2 will includes Kit’s Harrington, Tobias Menzies Anna Paquin, Minnie Driver, Lucy Boynton and Garrett Hedlund from the season 1. The other new cast includes Gbenga Akinnagbe, Susan Blackwell, Tom Burke, Zoë Chao, Maria Dizzia, Grace Edwards, Dominique Fishback, Kathryn Gallagher, Telci Huynh, Nikki M. James, Aparna Nancherla, Sophie Okonedo, Larry Owens, Zane Pais, Isaac Powell, Ben Rappaport, Milan Ray, Jack Reynor, Miranda Richardson, Marquis Rodriguez, James Scully, Zuzanna Szadkowski, Lulu Wilson, Don Wycherley and Jeena Yi.

Release Date of Modern Love Season 2

Modern Love season 2 is available on 13 August in Amazon Prime Video streaming platform. This season stories seem to be smaller but more creative and more intimate stories. Love will break all the rules. Each episode of anthology series brings to life different stories of relationships, connections, betrayals and revelations while all the stories are based on true events.

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