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November Story web series

The Tamil new web series November story, written and directed by Indra Subramanian was divided into seven episode series on Disney plus Hotstar. In November story web series review, this web series focuses on anuradha played by Tamannaah who is a software expert dealing with the mental deterioration of her father a former crime novelist Ganeshan played by G.M Kumar finds herself at a shocking crossroads a murder takes place and all the fingers point towards her father. Anuradha explore of what may have transpired that night which forms the journey of November’s story web series. November story is simply anuradha getting to the bottom of what exactly happened at the scene of the crime completely ruling out the possibility of her father committing such a heinous act.

In November story web series review, you see such exemplary performances by the cast from comedic dramatic to downright bone chilling. it is such a capable effort showcased by the entire ensemble cast. Tamannaah in November story puts forth an extremely emotional and resolute performance as an independent woman who has to figure out solutions while acknowledging her unfortunate circumstances while she doesn’t have time for small talk. G.M Kumar plays role of Ganeshan a crime novelist who is suffering from Alzheimer’s and borderline schizophrenia never comes across as over the top eve when he has his random outburst with the domestic help of the house his interest in fictional tales and how the mind becomes alert when he is transported to the world of make believe account for some of the most interesting moments in In November story web series review. he is deteriorating and helpless state is something that is beautifully performed as well in one sequence at a rehabilitation facility. Pasupathy plays role as  Kulandhai Yesu is understated and so effective in this series without giving anything away it is very easy for a character with traits such as yesu to be like many of the renditions. We have already seen in crime thrillers but the actor makes it his own and this addition creates a layer of subtext and nuance to the series which elevates it further.

What you will also notice in November story web series review is that it is beautifully shot cinematographer Vidhu ayana who is also responsible for capturing the beauty of Mandela presents such a visually engaging piece even from the perspective of capturing characters. the unique creative decisions taken heighten the overall quality of the series while not staring too far away from its core focus the hilarious sequences never become too overbearing. In police force Aruldoss plays the investigating officer and he shares some of the funniest scenes with supergood Subramani.

What a great effort has been to formulate and design this story kudos to writer and director Indra Subramanyam. Its characters focus on the detrimental effects of abandonment from a young age and the significance of being surrounded by like-minded individuals aiding you to circumvent your path to success. From a thriller point of view in November story web series review was literally designing flow charts and family trees by the fourth episode so whosoever is stating that it was a bore I think quite on the contrary and I believe that it had me guessing probably till the fifth episode a huge plus for any crime thriller the criticism that I may agree with is that the series has a rather half-hazard way of concluding things it is low on action and the action that exists and by that I mean physical altercations are executed in a very flimsy way something that i wholeheartedly agree is a demerit of the series but it in no way takes away from the exceptionally interesting journey.

Cast and their Characters

November story web series review
Pasupathy M
G. M. Kumar
November story web series review
Vivek Prasanna
November story web series review

The Cast of November story web series are Tamannaah as Anuradha Ganesan, Pasupathy M. as Kulandhai Yesu, G. M. Kumar as Ganesan, Vivek Prasanna as Malarmannan, Aruldass as Sudalai, Myna Nandhini as Chithra Johnny as young Kulandhai Yesu, Tharani Suresh Kumar, Arshath Feras as Binu, K. Pooranesh as Ahmed, Pujitha Devaraju as Neeta, Namita Krishnamurthy as Mathi and Nishanth Naidu as Sandeep.

Release Date of November Story web series

An amazing suspense thriller web series “November Story” written and directed by Indra Subramanyam. November Story is originally Tamil series has seven episodes which released on 20 May 2021 in Disney Plus Hotstar streaming platform.

Rating & User Reviews

The November story web series is rated 8.3 out of 10 in IMDB rating. This web series shows the great relationship between daughter and her father in murder mystery thriller series and In November story web series review we capture all points which explained why this is excellent web series.


Good and unique story line. Suspense is too good will make you stick to the series till end.


In November Story review, Stories connecting one another is awesome. Background should be better in some place however music director tried his best. Good Luck. I never seen fantastic Tamil Thriller Web Series in past. All the Best Team.


Thrilled with the thriller !!!!

Enjoyed watching this series. Wasn’t expecting much when started watching as it went on it was enjoyable and was good.
Its a wasted opportunity by the makers. The series ending could have been more tight. Ending was absolutely disappointing. Tamanna was the only saving grace should watch it for her.


In November story web series reviewAbout climax and acting. Scenes others than Tamannaah were more interesting. I didn’t find good expression from her,other characters were more exciting. Climax was actually bored. It could be more interesting and thriller.

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