One Punch Man (Anime)

One Punch Man

05 Oct 2015 | English and Japanese
Animation. Action. Comedy
Country of Origin : Japan
Streaming On : Netflix
One Punch Man
Seasons : 02 | Episodes : 25 | Critic's Rating :

Creator : One, Yusuke Murata

Storyline : One Punch Man is a Japanese action superhero franchise which based on the stories of Saitama. In the World of superhero beings, Saitama is determined to become superhero and he goes through intense training. After that Saitama become a very unique hero who can defeat his Opponent by Knock with Single punch. But his overwhelming strength filled his life with depression and laidback attitude for everything so he gets no respect from anyone. This No Challenge life makes him overall life of superhero is pointless. 

Star Cast : Makoto Furukawa, Kaito Ishikawa, Hiromichi Tezuka, Robbie Daymond, Shôta Yamamoto and Kyle Hebert

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