Panic (TV Series)


28 May 2021 | English
Crime. Drama. Adventure
Country of Origin : United States
Streaming On : Amazon Prime Video
Panic tv series
Seasons : 01 | Episodes : 10 | Critic's Rating :

Creator : Lauren Oliver

Storyline : – This amazon prime original “Panic” American teen drama television series which is based on same novel name released on 2014 by Lauren Oliver. This web series is set on small town of Texas where every summer graduating seniors compete in game or series of challenges and only one winner takes all the money. People believe that one and only chance to make the lives better with this money. But this year’s rule of game is changed and the money pot becomes larger than ever and game becomes more dangerous than ever. In these games graduating students has to face the darkest, deepest fears and forced to risk life to win. 

Star Cast : Olivia Scott Welch, Mike Faist, Jessica Sula, Ray Nicholson, Camron Jones and Enrique Murciano

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