Sarpatta Parambarai Movie Review : Arya South Indian Actor starrer Boxing Drama Movie

Sarpatta Parambarai movie review

Sarpatta Parambarai is starring Arya directed by Pa Ranjith is released on Amazon Prime Video streaming platform. The Journey of Arya has been an interesting one, a career is spanning 16 years and the individual has had an oscillating journey from exceptional success in mid-2000 to be muddled in last decade because of lack cluster storyline. I have say irrespective of information of we have of his journey he is dedicated to world which is created by Ranjith is undeniable. In Sarpatta Parambarai review, it is set on 1980s in Chennai laying specific focus on boxing culture in that locality. A group that have inherited the training that they have imbibe from britisher where belongings to one clan. But divided into different camps that face one another in grind events. Each wanting ultimate supremacy to the boxing legacy of their ancestor, the two clans Idiyappam and Sarpatta clash with one another leading  to the quest of Find worthy opponent to the unstoppable force of Vembuli. This transition helps to find the potential of Arya character as Kabilan and his determination to be the best and fight for his coach. The class politics, the atmosphere of northern Chennai, the hurdles which individual clan and state faces, the ultimate battle and the rise of trenches form the crux of the basic storyline.

What is god and bad aspects of Sarpatta Parambarai movie review? The Underwhelming aspects, some topics I want to brush up on. Cautionary Tales, first of all the movie is 2hr 53min long so be ready and also this movie is intimidating as the film is close to 3hr long. The volume of topics that is actually cover and successfully presented so, it is totally justify the running time of movie. Secondly there is integration of political influence in the world which created by Ranjith that comes in abs and flows. Many may consider the political impact to be convenient for screenplay perspective as it tends to actor to gateway of shocking turn of events. The impact of emergency in political landscape of Tamil nadu is very well executed but utilizes mostly at the most crucial events. Finally you will notice the shift in editing in the film as the storyline follow the Kabilan and Vetriselavan. In their past that is completely deviated from the boxing world and this was eventually progress in road to redemption.

The Good, Santosh Narayan as the role of film as music composer almost become the extension of the film identity. What is brilliant about the background score and music in this film is that it is not unnecessary omnipotent. Santosh work in Sarpatta Parambarai is dispersed beautifully and transioning into the storyline at the perfect time. Whether it be a boxing match reaching at ultimate stage or character feel cornered both physically and mentally. The music comes in and out enhancing the impact of scenes while not come across what defines it. I absolutely love the score that presented in trailer and integrating the famous words of Mohammed Ali and it is beautifully edited and fitting perfectly in the theme of Kabilan and his path to resurgence.

What is exceptional about the Sarpatta Parambarai is the world that has been created and I almost marvelled at every frame felling invested as if I was transpoted in 70s of northern Chennai. The hustle and bustle of this city is thriving boxing culture is something that so well executed specially from a visual standpoint. The Set and Art direction is really stand out, the expensive shots of the city which is the world of the characters and the massive event organize having the own fanbase.  The Cinematography by Murili ji is becomes the one of the biggest highlight of the film. This is well executed with brilliant way by Cinematographer and I have to say that what takes to the next level is editing by RK Selva which specific focused to the boxing matches.

Cast and their Characters

Sarpatta Parambarai movie review
Sarpatta Parambarai movie review
John Kokken
Sarpatta Parambarai movie review
Sanchana Natrajan
Sarpatta Parambarai movie review
Anupama Kumar
Sarpatta Parambarai movie review

The star cast of Sarpatta Parambarai movie are Arya as Kabilan, John Kokken as Vembuli, Kalaiyarasan as Vetriselvan, Santhosh Prathap as Raman, Shabeer Kallarakkal as Dancing Rose, Pasupathy as Rangan Vaathiyar, Dushara as Maariyamma, Anupama Kumar as Bhagyam, Sanchana Natarajan as Lakshmi, John Vijay as Kevin (Daddy), G.M. Sundar as Duraikannu Vaathiyar, Vettai Muthu Kumar as Thaniga, Kaali Venkat as Koni Chandran, Tiger Thangadurai as Tiger Garden Thangam, Abdhul, Bhaskar Abi, B. Akashkumar and Rajiv Anandh.

Relese Date and Rating of the Movie

The Sport drama film is set to premiere on 22 July 2021 in Amazon Prime Video streaming platform. In  Sarpatta Parambarai movie review, film opening credits will be early days of emergency where Rangan Agrresive son Vetriselan face the humiliation of being undermined by his own father aka Kevin, the anglo indian father figure to Kabilan play by Arya. In this drama boxing and politics story running in parallel.

Critic Rating :

Sarpatta Parambarai is rated 4.5 star rating by average user critic rating. In Sarpatta Parambarai directed by Pa Ranjith, who try to transporting us to the era of northern Chennai and ensuring that the character is not feels out of place. After watching this I truly admired that he is actually showcase the era, and also showcase the glorious stage fights in between Kabilan and Dancing Rose.

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