Sherni Movie Review : Vidya Balan Starrer movie on Forest Politics

Sherni movie review

The newly released movie “Sherni” showcases the human- animal conflict which implies the old society rules and also based on controversial news of killing Avni, a Tigress in Yavatmal District of Maharashtra in 2018. Sherni directed by Amit Masurkar who also directed movie like Newton and But in Sherni movie review, it is based on conservation journa where an Upright Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Vidya Vincent played by Vidya Balan who tries to balance in a world of man-animal conflict while she also seeks her true calling in a hostile environment. It is pretty clear that the film focusses on the presence of a tigress in a dense forest of Madhya Pradesh that is causes nuisance to the local village who have existed in the symbiotic relationship with the environment around them. This original Amazon movie is set to be premiere on 18 June 2021 in Amazon Prime Video streaming platform 

When an intervention is required by the forest authority then Vidya Vincent comes into the picture. The hurdle she faces from the portfolio stand point that is mentally and physically demanding and the dismissive individual around them that curtails the mission at hand rather than helping forms the basic Crux in Sherni movie review. This unravels the deeper and darker elements of sherni movie. This is a film which dares to communicate about a very significance part of our life that is mostly overlooked and daerly showcases in the stories and characters. The intension of the writer is to communicate the importance of conservation while highlighting the experience of the working women trying to do the duty with diligence. This movie also showcase the several issues like forest officer has to deal with any unfortunate event in locations where the wild life and communities stain unison with one another while forest officer work tirelessly and not disturb the ecosystem they find themselves helpless due to the Red Tape and Burocracy that exist for every process.

In Sherni movie review, Amit Musurkar meticulously designed this film to transport at the dense forest in Madhya Pradesh and its people who create violence and slight incompetence with forest officials and the bullish nature of politician who wanting quick solution all creating the vivid and interesting story. Sherni movie has a talented group of people which rope in a project. Whether its Brijendra Kala lacks of motivation to do any work and waste time by debating. Mukul Chadda as Pawan vidya’s husband and IIa Arun as mother -in -law are concern and loveable character in sherni movie review. Neeraj Kabi as Nagia, superior to vidya is very limited screen time but very convincing body language. Vijay Raaz an honest Zoologist professor is working towards the greater good and Satyakam Anand as PK Singh having aspiration to be re-elected and constantly manipulating the villagers. In the Supporting cast Sharat Saxena as a kill hungry conservationist and Brijendra Kala as Bansal who is superior of the department really shine.

Vidya Balan as Vidya Vincent in sherni movie review portrays the role of forest officer who finds the allies in the college professor Hassan plays by Vijay Raaz, several members of his department and poor villagers who keep vigil along with them. They have only one goal to achieve to catch the Tigress and sent to the national park before the hunter gets her or before she crosses the path with the innocent villagers in Madhya Pradesh.

Sherni Cast and theirs Characters

Vidya Balan
Sherni Movie Review
Mukul Chadda
Sherni Movie Review
Vijay Raaz
Sherni Movie Review
Neeraj Kabi
Sherni Movie Review
Sharat Saxena
Brijendra Kala

Sherni movie star cast are Vidya Balan as Vidya Vincent, Vijay Raaz as Hassan Noorani, Neeraj Kabi as Akhil Nangia, Sharat Saxena as Ranjan Rajhans, Brijendra Kala as Bansilal Bansal, Ila Arun as Pawan Mother, Mukul Chaddha as Pawan, Amar Singh Parihar as MLA G K Singh, Satyakam Anand as P K Singh, Anoop Trivedi as Pyarelal, Gopal Dutt as Saiprasad, Suma Mukundan as Vidya’s Mother, Nidhi Diwan as Reshma, Sampa Mandal as Jyoti, Prateek Pachori as Babbal, Lokesh Mittal as Mohan and Shakul Singh as Manish.

Sherni Movie Release Date and Rating

This Amazon original drama movie Sherni is released on 18 June 2021 which is directed by Amit Masurkar and screenplay written by Aastha Tiku. In Sherni movie review, this 2hr 11min Running time of movie showcase the female forest officer who strives for balance in a world of Human- Animal conflict but she gets caught into the forest politics.

Critic Rating :

Sherni movie is rated 4 star rating in user critic ratings. In sherni movie review, the title of this film is obviously as much as allusion to Vidya Vincent who tries to save the Tigress T12. The stands out performances from the supporting cast are loveable and concerns about the consequences of human intervention in the Natural order.

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