State of Siege: Temple Attack Review Akshaye Khanna starrer fictional Story Movie

State of siege temple attack review

A Zee5 streaming platform new upcoming military action movie “State of Siege: Temple Attack” is based on the events during the terrorist attack on Akshardham Temple in Gujarat 2002. In State of Siege temple attack review, during this attack 33 people were killed, including Gujrat police officers and NSG Commando and 80 people were injured. This movie is also tribute to the NSG Commando and Gujrat police. Akshaye Khanna is making his digital debut with this movie and also plays the lead role as NSG Officer charged with eliminating the terrorist group of people and ready to risk his live to protect the civilian.

What is good and bad aspects of State of Siege Temple Attack Review? The Underwhelming Aspects, you may assume that the sole focus of the film is that showcases the tactical execution of the mission by skilled group like NSG. But the film stares towards the emotional and dramatic side more. While I was expecting more of the strategy of NSG and how they eliminate the terrorist in temple. This film spends more time on the torment that civilian face by terrorist group and the individual journey an arc of revenge for the character like Hanut Singh played by Akshaye Khanna. In State of Siege temple attack review, it might be little jarring to listen to Punjabi in which the terrorist communicate with one another. Lastly, when you look at some sequences of the explosion and blood spillage you will see rudimentary use of CGI and special effects.        

Good Vs Evil, you also have to be realized and to be aware of the fact that State of Siege temple attack review movie is based on a mission that set the tone of Good vs Evil. This is based on a dramatic part of Indian history which extremist forces ravage the innocent citizens of our nation. The makers of films have also taken the creative freedom with certain aspects of Indian history of what are the motivations of these terrorist groups, the reasons for the attacks and the individual civilian’s stories. But from the creative stand point we have to realize that this movie is dedicated to the effective work of unsung heroes like the NSG and there spectacular ability to protect our own people  and not letting the specific situation get from bad to worst.

In State of Siege temple attack review, The Premise the storyline itself entreat me as it is a traumatic part of our recent history that many people do over look. Imagine a day where the individual are going with the family, school students are going for exciting trip and the workforce expecting to be a regular day. The fact that your world is going to turn upside down in a matter of minute in a place which is to be your place of worship where you count of blessings and seek of inner peace. What is State of Siege temple attack movie successfully done? It is showcase how every civilian has their own story and expectations. What intrigue me the most about this specific case is more than the Dy Miniature of mission executed by the NSG was the aftermath of the terrorist attack.

In State of Siege temple attack review, The unsung Heroes, the film more than anything else are dedicated to swift action taken by the National Security Guard in this case. Whenever the traumatic path of Indian history where India as a country have been harmed by terrorist organization or extremist groups. It is the individual at the work on the ground that poses a sense of mental balance and composure. Similarly, State of Siege is dedicated to the heroes of the NSG that protected and aided us when we lost all hope in 2002. If one wants to consider this film to be propaganda so be it would be ignorant for any of us to denied that this happened. Innocent lives were taken mercilessly and there no two ways about it swift action needed and executed.

Akshaye Khanna stare the ship exactly in the right direction. In State of Siege temple attack review, Akshaye Khanna as Major Hanut singh brings forth the formidable leadership that is required for such a complex mission. Even from the physical perspective Khanna has embodied the body language that required for the role. The fact that the creators have taken consultation with actual veterans from the NSG become clear when you look at swift moment of Khanna and his comrades and way they have handle the guns and ammunition. Hanut Singh channelized the individual struggle of commando who has to live with probably losing the own brother in every mission. There trauma which they have to overcome and the pragmatism that they have to showcases in sensitive case that is possibility of so much collateral damage.

Cast and their Characters

Akshaye Khanna
State of siege temple attack review
Abhimanyu Singh
State of siege temple attack review
Gautam Rode
State of siege temple attack review
Vivek Dahiya
State of siege temple attack review
Akshay Oberoi

The star cast of State of Siege temple attack review movie are Akshaye Khanna as Major Hanut Singh, Abhimanyu Singh as Abu Hamza, Gautam Rode as Major Samar, Vivek Dahiya as Capt. Rohit Bagga, Akshay Oberoi as Capt. Bibek, Parvin Dabas as Colonel Nagar, Samir Soni as CM Choksi, Mir Sarwar as Bilal Naikoo, Pavleen Gujral as Security Guard, Kallirroi Tziafeta as Angela, Sanjay Gurbaxani as Vashal, Chandan Roy as Mohsin, Kenneth Desai as Swami Matora and Harssh Singh as Harilal.

Release Date and Rating

A Zee5 Film fictional action thriller movie is set to premiere on 09 July 2021 in streaming platform. In State of Siege temple attack review, this military strategy movie showcases the recent terrorist group attack on Akashardham temple in Gujrat in 2002. While featuring the realistic Bollywood actor Akshaye Khanna with the lead role of commanding NSG Soldier.

Critic Rating :

State of Siege: Temple Attack movie is rated 4.3 star rating by average user critic rating. In State of Siege temple attack review, director Ken Ghosh directed the real fictional storyline with good supporting cast Abhimanyu Singh, Gautam Rode, Samir Soni and Vivek Dahiya.

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