Sunflower Web Series Review: Sunil Grover Starrer Web series with dark Humour

sunflower web series

This eight episode dark comedy thriller series “Sunflower” is created by Vikas Bahl with Sunil Grover in the lead role. Sunflower is a residential society that inhabits some of the most interesting characters and unfortunately a murder takes place in the apartment complex and the police investigation leads to fingers being pointed towards several residents one of which includes Sonu Singh played by Sunil Grover, A 35 year old loner sales agent that is sincere honest and slightly delusional. In Sunflower web series review, it takes the route of becoming an absurd thriller exploring comedic gags and hilarious sequences while focusing on the gravest situations. Its plot is presented in their synopsis which states between Sonu tightening the noose around his own neck the murderers living on the edge and the society trying to uplift its society’s values. Sunflower is a quirky murder mystery in a comedy of errors so did the series really explore the potential of making a compelling and hilarious thriller does it finally explores the dark side of an actor like Sunil Grover.

What is a good and bad aspect of Sunflower web series review? The ensemble cast of this series is probably one of the most talented pools of actors. Girish Kulkarni plays inspector Tambe the man is in full mode and puts on his work mode face whenever required the natural way in which his dialogues are delivered makes you really think no wonder the man is revered so much for his talent. Ashish Vidyarthi another veteran in the game plays the role of Delhi Pierrea man from sunflower society who is standing up for elections to become chairman and is motivated to keep the sanctity of the society intact. In sunflower web series review, Mukul Chadha as mr ahuja had so much potential as a character to be explored but we barely scratched the surface with his psychological state and simmering anger. Ranvir shorey another interesting Actor playing the role of investigating Officer S. Digendra.

The biggest issue with the series is its screenplay there is an absolute lack of focus on what it should explore or spend time on the series goes in so many directions that it often frustrates you as you want  to love it for the talented people involved in it. What was most interesting in sunflower web series review, the prime suspects and the police involved was the most captivating it are the writing of the show and the way it wanted to explore the crime committed also made me lose interest the series?

The written material kept you interested the series also showcases the case being sloppily handled by the police almost to a dumb level people getting away with the craziest of situations while being at the scene of the crime. On paper Sunil Grover’s character sonu singh is a fascinating case study the man comes across as simply unaware of social cues. he craves for any human connection and he sits in a shared uber pretending to be busy on his phone. He finds solace in telemarketers calling him and is a pushover at work without realizing it but all of this seems to come across as a facade as pretends to be his public image. In sunflower web series review, Sunil Grover is a perfect vessel to explore the psychological condition of such a man why does he have such a calm demeanour.

Cast and their Characters

Sunil Grover
Ranvir Shorey
Ranvir Shorey
Sherni Movie Review
Mukul Chadda
Girish Kulkarni
Girish Kulkarni
Ashish Vidyarathi
Ashish Vidyarthi

Sunflower web series star cast are Sunil Grover (Sonu Singh), Ranvir Shorey (Inspector S. Digendra), Mukul Chadha (Mr. Ahuja), Girish Kulkarni (Sub Inspector Chetan Tambe), Radha Bhatt (Mrs. Ahuja), Ashish Vidyarthi (Dilip Iyer), Sai Yusuf (Chairman), Sonal Jha, Shonali Nagrani, Saloni Khanna, Ashwin Kaushal and Annapurna Soni.

Sunil Grover plays one of the lead roles as Sonu Singh. In sunflower web series review, Sonu Singh is a lonely man with no friend circle due to his behaviour. Sonu only talk to his mother and enjoys the lengthy conversations with telemarketing callers.

Ranvir Shorey plays the role of Inspector S. Digendra. In sunflower web series review, Inspector Digi plays the role of No- Nonsense cop who later investigate the murder of Mr. Ahuja who living in sunflower apartment.

Mukul Chadha plays the role of Mr. Ahujha. In sunflower web series review, Mr. Ahujha has limited lines but the Shudh- Hindi conversations and expressions were outstanding. Mr. Ahujha plays the one of the main person who was early dead in the series.

Girish Kulkarni plays the role of Sub Inspector Chetan Tambe. In sunflower web series review, Chetan tambe is one of the sidekicks of Inspector Digendra who give earnest performances while finding the missing pieces of the puzzle of murder investigation.

Ashish Vidyarthi plays one of the roles as Dilip Iyer. In sunflower web series review, Dilip Iyer is one of the members of sunflower society who stands in the election of chairman of society and makes the sunflower society safe and Sanctity.

Release date of Sunflower web series

This Zee5 Original crime thriller web series is set to premiered on 11 June 2021 where you can watch in Hindi Language with English Subtitles. Sunil Grover starrer web series Sunflower became popular in murder mystery and comedy genres while the great star cast make this web series outstanding.

Rating of Sunflower Web Series

Sunflower web series review will tell you about how well this web series is? Because of 8.5 star rating from IMDB website is well enough to tell about how good this web series has. A Quirky murder mystery in a housing society name “Sunflower” directed by Vikas Bahl and Sonu Singh character plays by Sunil Grover is totally remarkable.

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