Thalaivi Movie Review: Biopic on the life of late Tamil superstar J. Jayalalithaa

Thalaivi movie review

The engaging commercial drama movie “Thalaivi” with spectacular performances the life of a biopic based in the life of Jayalalithaa. The film focuses on the journey of the celebrated and popular individual from her young days of acting her budding romance with mgr her introduction into politics urged by the love of her life. But the unfortunate demise of the political figure and acting legend the hurdles Jaya faces in order to become the political heir of the party dealing with the vitriol of the gatekeepers mostly men that constantly protected the vested interests of MG Ramachandran and finally her rise to prominence to become what we all know and remember her.

What is good and bad aspects of Thalaivi movie?

Thalaivi movie review

The underwhelming aspects prosthetics and bodysuit you know let’s get one thing straight I don’t know the magnitude in which Arvind swamy has used prosthetics and makeup but it is uncanny on how similar he looks to MGR me not being privy to vintage Tamil cinema and  swami looks like an absolute spitting image of the legend but what the creators get right with his look at least when it comes to Kangana Ranaut, concluding shape and look it definitely comes across as jarring while it is praiseworthy that Ranaut gained weight for the role to encapsulate the latter half of Jayalalithaa’s career.

She delivers dialogues the scepticism that people had as the saw the trailer regarding the prosthetics and bodysuit actually makes sense as in the film it develops the same sentiment and feeling from the viewer abrupt cutaways what is true and cannot be denied is that. There are many item pieces in which there are dramatic dialogues meant for a theatre experience while most of these moments hit the right note.

The commercial movie writing of Telugu cinema creators what’s also true is that the film almost seems to be in a rush to move on to the next thing there are several moments that could have come across as great opportunities for Kangana to showcase her acting talent giving her a cue to react to certain moments that could have emotionally elevated the film but the editing abruptly either fades into a blackout or moves on to the next scene not really letting a lot of the moments sink and breathe with the viewer there are also moments of speeches which are different through a montage or background score which also could have been enhanced through the hard-hitting dialogues.

Cast and their Characters

Thalaivi movie review

The star cast of Thalaivi movie are Kangana Ranaut As J Jayalalithaa, Arvind Swamy as M.G. Ramachandran (MGR), Nassar as Karunanidhi, Bhagyashree as Sandhya, Samuthirakani as R M Veerapan, Raj Arjun as RM Veerappan, Madhoo as Janaki Ramachandran, Jisshu Sengupta as Sobhan Babu, Thambi Ramaiah as Madhavan, Shamna Kasim as V.K. Sasikala, Flora Jacob as Indira Gandhi, Shanmugha Rajan as Valampuri John, Rajiv Kumar A. as L K Advani, Virral Patel as kanappan, Krishna Manjusha Chivukula as PMO office, Phanindra Gollapalli as Congress MP, Bharath Reddy and Vidya Pradeep.

Release Date and Rating of Thalaivi Movie

Thalaivi is released on 10 September 2021 in cinemas. Jayalalithaa post her experience in Delhi with the prime minister is my favourite era of her performance she really shines when the character of Jaya has a confidence and purpose in the world of politics both the individuals are the heart and soul of the levy for the writers to even dare to show the side of Jayalalithaa in the conclusion as she becomes a product of her experiences is commendable in the concluding moments.

Critic Rating:-

Thalaivi movie is rated 3.5 star rating by average user critic rating. This movie focuses on the hurdles that a woman may face in a male-dominated occupation highlighting the prejudice and patriarchy that exists in society but also provides a commentary on how one must alter or change to persist and thrive in an unforgiving world how a woman who despised acting in politics became the person we all know her as works wonders from a storytelling point of view and marks another great return to influence individuals to storm into theatres.

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