The Empire Trailer Review : An Epic Historical Drama on Mughal Rule

The empire trailer review

Hotstar Specials historical drama web series “The Empire” trailer is released on Saturday, 7 Aug 2021. Filmmaker and producer Nikhil Advani announced the biggest hotstar special series The Empire, based on monumental period adventure drama of the origins of Mughal dynasty. The first look of trailer showcases life story of Mughal dynasty, adventure, war and political drama.

This Epic Drama is based on the first book from Alex Rutherford’s of the Mughal Empire, “Empire of the Moghuls”. The show focuses on Mughal Dynasty founder Babur who inherited the kingdom of Ferghana (Modern Day Uzbekistan) as 12yr old boy. Kunal Kapoor will be playing Babur who grows up to establish the Kingdom of Samarkand with the help of Esan Daulat played by Shabana Azmi, the kingmaker who guides Babur to fulfil his duties towards his kingdom. Shaybani Khan played by Dino Morea would be the reason the Mughals had to leave Samarkand and attack the Lodhi Dynasty in India.

Mitakshara Kumar will be directing the most expensive Indian Series till date which has a story of a Warrior, king, survivor and ruler. Nikhil Advani, Monisha Advani and Madhu Bhojwani are producing the hotstar specials series the empire. Nikhil Advani also has National Award for his titled Film “D-Day”. Nikhil saying that “What we know about the Mughal Empire is about only men but the active role played by women in backroom politics and Women has the remote controls”.

The Empire hotstar special series will be premiere on 27 August 2021 in Disney + Hotstar streaming platform. The trailer promises that the Expansive wars, Grand sets and political drama in mostly central Asian Area. Shooting of the empire web series is began in 2018 in Rajasthan and some shoot has been filmed at Uzbekistan. Nikhil Also said that the show is only true to his source material and the book does not have the part of Rana Sanga Fight scenes with Babur. We have truthful to the book so, we in first season we don’t have any scenes of Rana Sanga. Check out the trailer of the empire web series :-

The Star cast of The Empire web series will Kunal Kapoor as Babar, Dino Morea as Shaybani Khan, Shabana Azmi as Daulat Begum, Drashti Dhami as Babar’s sister Khanzada, Sahher Bambba as Babar’s first wife, Toranj Kavyon as the princess of Kabul, Gulrukh. Other cast member will be Imaad Shah as Babar’s confidante Kasim, Rahul Dev as General Wazir Khan, and Aditya Seal as Babar’s son Humayun and the second ruler of the Mughal dynasty.

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