The Kissing Booth 3 Review : Teen Romantic Comedy Drama Netflix Movie

The kissing booth 3 movie review

Netflix is released the third sequel of romantic comedy drama movie “The Kissing Booth 3” on 11 August 2021. Director Vince Marcello will be directing this movie which is based on books by Beth Reekles. The Kissing booth franchise starring Joey King, Joel Courtney and Jacob Elordi in the lead roles. This movie follows the story of our female lead character Elle Evans played by Joey King who has to make a big decision before she went off to the college; whether to move across the country with the dreamy boyfriend Noah (Jacob Elordi) or fulfil her lifelong promise to go to college with her best friend Lee (Joel Courtney).

The kissing Booth 3 will be opening with premise of idealistic summer story and the film has been mindless blast. Elle, Noah and Lee convince the boy’s parents so they can stay there family beach house in this last summer before going to college. This is the perfect plan which they are waiting for few months. But this somehow ends up from some breezy summer fantasy to kitchen sink drama. Elle can’t get help to choose where to go. Where Noah mistakenly thinks that his girlfriend is going to join him at Harvard in the fall and lee plans to live this last summer with no obligations; not with widowed father who is waiting to meet his new girlfriend with an open Mind. Marco (Taylor Zakhar Perez) still wants to spend this last summer with her girlfriend after she broke the heart in previous film. The film has put all the previous storylines in this third sequel of the kissing booth 3.  

Joey King, who normally tries to sell the growing pains of young love of Elle, looked like it checked out this time. His on screen chemistry with goofy Courtney has more than the brooding ELordi. Elle and his BFF Lee spend their last summer to build the fractured relationship of childhood by playing Karaoke with nostalgic jams, completing a beach bucket list, sumo wrestling in fat suits and cosplaying Nintendo characters during a real-life Mario Kart relay.

Cast and Their Characters

the kissing booth movie review

The star cast of the kissing booth 3 will be Joey King as Elle Evans, Joel Courtney as Lee,  Jacob Elordi as Noah Flynn and Meganne Young as Rachel, Molly Ringwald as Noah Mother, Lee’s mother as  Sara and Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Noah’s Harvard friend Chloe. Taylor Perez will also be back as Marco for the justice of Marco character in terms of his courtship of Elle.

Release Date and Rating of the Movie

The Kissing booth 3 is available on 11 Aug 2021 in Netflix streaming platform. This romantic comedy drama movie run time will be 1hr 52min. The third sequel of the franchise is the best film from the previous one apart from overstuffed, cringe dialogues and unnecessarily tense portrayal. The Kissing Booth 3 is a worth to watch.   

Critic Rating :-

The Kissing booth 3 is rated 2.5 star rating by average user critic ratings. If we talk about Elle character, she goes into redemption arc to become the independent women which comes too late after her crying over the men for 2 films who hurt her. The bold climax will be stand out for the film of this genre.  

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