The Last Hour Review : A Mysterious Shaman Boy Story

The Last Hour

The Last Hour is a unique concept executed decently when I tuned into watching the 8 episode series on amazon prime video. I didn’t go with any expectations but the writer and director of this series Amit Kumar has made fabulous job. This series focuses on a number of murders that take place in Sikkim to stop those crimes a police officer Arup played by Sanjay Kapoor and a jagri aka shaman dev played by karma takapa solving these crime scenes. A Jagri Shaman dev can see what took place in the last hour of the dead body. This series is a supernatural crime thriller that explores the reason for so many murders taking place in the locality and in the process of doing so also explores the elements that go beyond the mortal realm.

As we know it here’s me telling you the good and bad aspects of the series in no particular order so that you guys can ultimately decide whether to watch the last hour on amazon prime video or not. The cinematography probably the biggest selling point of this series and its beautiful & expansive visuals of this series are primarily shot in Sikkim. The Sikkim state has been captured beautifully from the dense and extensive forests the mighty and almost intimidating mountain ranges in contrast to the narrow and densely populated market areas and streets. The cinematography by Jaish Nayar really made me come to the conclusion that a series gets elevated when it is shot in real locations.

Many unanswered questions everyone in the series is dealing with some form of loss and this leads to the series having more or less a very gloomy appearance one of the main reasons why people are torn apart regarding the series some gravitating towards that melancholic mood and some completely rejecting it as they expect crime thrillers to be a little more engaging and exciting.

Cast and their Characters

Sanjay Kapoor
Sanjay Kapoor
Shahana Goswami
Shahana Goswami
Karma Takapa
Karma Takapa
Shaylee Krishen
Shaylee Krishen
Raima Sen

The cast of The Last Hour web series are Sanjay Kapoor, Karma Takapa, Shaylee Krishen, Raima Sen, Mandakini Goswami, Noksha Saham, and Shahana Goswami in key roles. The Last Hour characters are:-

Sanay Kapoor plays one of the lead roles in the last hour series as Arup. Arup works as a Himalayan town cop who is incharge to investigate the mysterious murders in the last hour web series.

Actor Karma Takapa is also plays one of the lead roles as Dev. Dev has secret gift to be a Shaman who can communicate with spirits of dead and this series focus as how dev can help the Arup to solve the mysterious murders.

Kashmiri Actor Shaylee Krishen is making her debut in OTT platform with Amazon prime web series “The Last Hour”.  Shaylee plays role of Arup Daughter who fall in love with Dev and after that she tries to find out about how her mother died.

Popular Actor Shahana Goswami plays one of the lead roles in female cast as Lipika. Lipika works as a Arup colleague who assist him to investigate the five mysterious murder in Himalayan town.

The Bengali Film actor Raima Sen also plays one of the important roles in Last hour web series. Raima sen is playing role as a late wife of Arup.

Release Date of The Last Hour Web Series

After the release of Radhe on Eid as a flop movie this web series comes with great story of a two police officers who meet a shaman Dev who can see the dark past of the last hour of the dead body in a crime scene. After that Shaman Dev help police officers to find the culprit of the murder mystery. This web series also release on same day as radhe release date  14 may 2021 in amazon prime video.

Ratings and User Reviews

The supernatural thriller amazon web series “The Last Hour” is rated 8.0 out of 10 in IMDB rating website and 93% Google users like this TV Show for fresh content and worth watching. Some User reviews after watching this TV Show are:-


Different story, Local cast and awesome acting. Different story and good acting but little slow story. Worth watching.


Unique story. It’s completely different story from traditional series and movies. Really enjoying watching all episodes in one go. 
It’s a must watch series, especially who are day dreamer.


Slow but excellent! Not sure why there are no reviews to this yet, may be people have not watched it .The series is slow but it is beautiful.


A Must Watch. Very Slow Screenplay, yet very binding and last hour of this series last hour is really thrilling. Waiting for season 2. Amazing and different Story telling experience.


Awesome web series. I watch all episodes without break its awesome web series. Its story sounds like real. I can’t wait for its second season.

The Last Hour is currently streaming on Amazon Prime

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