The Promised Neverland (Anime)

The Promised Neverland

14 April 2019 | English and Japanese
Animation. Drama. Adventure
Country of Origin : Japan
Streaming On : Netflix, Hulu
The Promised Neverland
Seasons : 02 | Episodes : 23 | Critic's Rating :

Creator : Kaiu Shirai

Storyline : The Promised Neverland follows the story of three gifted kids who living at grace field house, an orphanage. In this orphanage all the kids live together with kind caretaker “Mama”. Their daily lives involves with rigrous tests, but afterwards they are allowed to play outside and there only one order to follow do not leave the orphanage. But one day two students Emma and Norman went outside the orphanage and discover the secret of sinister purposes, they were raised for, after that they look for a way to esccape from the evill caretaker and lead the other kids to risky escape plan.

Star Cast : Sumire Morohoshi, Mariya Ise, Shinei Ueki, Lynn, Yuuko Mori and Yoshino Aoyama

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