The Starling Trailer Review : Melissa McCarthy and Chris O’Dowd Couple Battles Grief in Netflix Drama Film

the starling trailer review

Netflix is released official trailer of upcoming heartfelt film “The Starling” on Tuesday, 24 August 2021. This emotional Netflix series is based on drama about couple dealing with the greif, rebuilding their life and also defending the garden with taunting birds. This Netflix film starring Melissa McCarthy and Chris O’Dowd as a lovely couple in lead roles. If we look into the trailer we get to see story underline how the movie is actually deep and personal story about moving on after the tragedy.  

The Synopsis of The Starling film focuses on Lilly (Melissa McCarthy) and Jack Maynard (Chris O’Dowd), a couple who must deal the loss of their child at birth. These two seem to coping with soulful grief in their different ways. While Jack faces the healing process in mental institution, Lily focuses on battle with territorial bird (The Starling) over dominion of her garden. In this Larry (Kevin Kline), a psychiatrist with a mental background who can help Lilly with her mourns process and her bird problem.

This emotional Netflix film is directed by Theodore Melfi who is well-known for his work on 2016’s “Hidden Figures” on three female African-American mathematicians. This film is written by Matt Harris. According to the makers, “The upcoming drama focuses on love, loss, and the courage to overcome grief.” This feel-good emotional story film “The Starling” is consisting of 1hr 43min running time.

The Starling Netflix drama film is set to be premiere on 24 September 2021 in Netflix streaming platform. According to the Netflix this story is about, “A woman adjusting to life after a loss contends with a feisty bird that’s taken over her garden — and a husband who’s struggling to find a way forward.” Check out the trailer of the starling film:-

The star cast of the starling movie will be Melissa McCarthy who is well known for his role in “Bridesmaids” and also Oscar nominated, Chris O’Dowd, Kevin Kline, Timothy Olyphant, Daveed Diggs, Skyler Gisondo, Laura Harrier, Rosalind Chao, Kimberly Quinn, Loretta Devine and Ravi Kapoor.

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