Titletown High Trailer Review : Netflix Football Docuseries of Valdosta High School

Titletown High trailer review

Netflix has shred the official trailer of latest Football Docuseries “Titletown High” on Thursday, 12 Aug 2021. The new series follows the one of the most successful high school football programs “Valdosta” in US. The sport centric reality series is based on the drama of Varsity Blues and the highs and lows of Wildcats 2020 football team lead by most controversial and infamous head coach, Rush Propst.

Valdosta in the South Georgia town is also known as TitleTown, where football rules and winning is Paramount. But the Wildcats football team are long away from the glory days. TitleTown high follow the nation’s winningest football team tackle the old rivalry teams, Teenage romance, real life drama and preparing for championship title under the infamous coach Rush Propst.

If we look into the trailer we see football team in on and off field, complex portrait of football culture in America and high stakes football action and teenage drama. The trailer showcases the unreleased song of G-Eazy’s Breakdown from his upcoming album. Gerald Earl Gillum (G-Eazy), American rappers saying that “I felt like this song perfectly captures the roller coaster of emotions in the show and the intense feelings brought on by the pressures of successes and failures in life. We’re hella excited to be a part of this series!”.

Titletown High is set to be premiere on 27 August in Netflix streaming platform. The creator and executive producer Jason Sciavicco saying that the Titletown High series is captured the behind the scenes of Valdosta athletes and staff. I Promises that it delivers full of high stakes sports action drama and relatable teenage romance story. Check out the trailer of Titletown High:-

In this TitleTown High Football Docuseries we can see Jake Garcia, Amari Jones, Morgan Miller, Grayson Leavy, Lenley Gross, Zoey Watson and Jacarious Peak.

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