Toofaan Movie Review : Farhan Akhtar starrer Sports Drama As Boxer Aziz Ali

Amazon Prime Video coming up with new fictional sport drama “Toofaan” directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra starring Farhan Akhtar as a National level boxer. Toofaan movie review follows the story of a lead character Aziz Ali played by Farhan Akhtar who was a National Player of Boxer and faces struggles to reach the national level competition. Toofaan movie is one of the much anticipated releases of this year. Toofaan Movie is set to be premiere on 16 July 2021 and also available in Amazon prime video streaming platform.

I have marvelled at the physical transformation and dedication of Farhan Akhtar to fully transform into aziz ali for the Rakesh Omprakash Mehra sports film toofaan. In Toofaan movie review, the past two years the film and the way it was presented in its teaser really excited me for two reasons one because it was a product coming from excel entertainment that mostly impresses audiences possibly barring one bizarre project this year and two, it provided me a clearer picture of what the film had to offer and transitioned my feelings to be of cynicism as we got an idea of what the journey of aziz ali is going to be like. In Toofaan movie review, it focuses on a small time racketeer and gangster from Dongri that gets obsessed with the sport of boxing motivated even further by a love interest to leave his unlawful past. Aziz under the guidance of Nana Prabhu played by Paresh Rawal gears up to becoming a national boxing sensation. The issues that gets unravelled from conflicting ideologies the means for survival and the motivation and choice that each individual has in the pursuit of excellence forms the crux of toofaan.

What is good and bad aspects of toofaan movie review?  Mrunal thakur and Paresh Rawal from the supporting cast completely invest their heart and soul to this movie making you realize why one is considered to be a bright young prospect and ananya’s character can easily be approached from a pitch that one of those bubbly next door girls we have already seen in bollywood movies but she lends a sincerity to the individual that resonates beautifully on screen i think one of the main reasons why the chemistry between her and Farhan Akhtar works is because of the helpless longing that she has for him which is communicated in moments beautifully through either their physical touch or her eyes parish. In Toofaan movie review, Nana Prabhu a man who is a traditionalist regarding the sport and expects nothing but the same and even more from his students, he is a man of ideals that he deems fit and is a product of his experiences the film tries to take a deep dive in understanding his character and his thoughts by creating a backstory which is definitely on the nose from a writing point of view.

In Toofaan Movie review, what he fails to capture is what actually goes into becoming the athlete with such technical process the convenience of training montages is something that i will come to later but strictly from a choreography standpoint the boxing matches especially after the state championship are well executed i really can’t say the same for the street brawls because there are times when you can actually see farhan punching the air as the extras pretend to get hit but the contrast is apparent in the boxing ring as the rigorous training involved in executing those sequences is clear what is great about the boxing matches. In Toofaan movie review, what i genuinely feel about farhan’s performance is that he became toofaan the boxer rather than Aziz the actor’s ability to come across as a skilled boxer in the ring or the gym is top notch but i felt emotionally farhan was a hit and a miss in this storyline in moments of rage as he smashes a wall or a glass in front of him i could sense that pain inside his ease but in several instances where akhtar is to showcase his chops and emotional moments.

The writing the underwhelming aspects of Toofaan movie review love hate relationship with music i have a gripe with the music composed for this film as it is so inconsistent in capturing the theme of the storyline while some songs really soar in fully grasping our attention. We expected Vijayraz is in a special appearance in this film and his overbearing influence on Aziz seemed to come across as something that may cause him problems in his professional journey but the subplot entirely is forgotten as if it was ever resolved making you think that the events are happening in isolation rather than having a crumbling domino effect on the film. In Toofaan movie review, When Aziz ali is showcased returning back to a sport when he is obviously past his prime is justified merely through a montage and he doesn’t really capture the physical demand of the sport and how tough it is to reassimilate and be back as if you’ve never left parallels and dragged narrative there are many parallels that you can create with toofaan and other sports films from a professional front you can notice the coach and student relationship with never back down.

Cast and their Characters

Toofaan Movie Review
Farhan Akhtar
Toofaan Movie Review
Mrunal Thakur
Toofaan Movie Review
Paresh Rawal
Toofaan Movie Review
Vijay Raaz
Toofaan Movie Review
Darshan Kumar
Toofaan Movie Review
Supriya Pathak

The star cast of toofaan movie are Farhan Akhtar as Aziz Ali aka Ajju, Mrunal Thakur as Ananya Prabhu, Paresh Rawal as Nana Prabhu, Sonali Kulkarni as Sumati, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra as IBF Secretary, Darshan Kumaar as Dharmesh Patil, Supriya Pathak as Sister Dsouza, Hussain Dalal as Munna, Vijay Raaz as Jafar Bhai, Imran Rashid as Mohsin, Deven Khote as Merchant Sir, Arhan Chowdary as Parvez, Jatin Sapru as Commentator 1 at State Championship, RJ Anmol as Commentator 2 at State Championship, Akashdeep Sabir as Mallick, Gauri Phulka as Myra, Gaganpreet Sharma as Prithvi Singh and Mohan Agashe.

Rating and Running Time of Movie

Critic Rating :

Toofaan movie is rated 3.5 star rating by average user critic rating. In Toofaan movie review, the film is 2 hours and 41 minutes long and it could have easily chopped 20 minutes in its edit the need to integrate a conspiracy angle in its later half only drags the storyline and takes away the stinging punch of the otherwise engaging boxing journey of Aziz ali the trailer and sadly the film also reaffirms the same feeling the toofaan is an average sports film with a predictable screenplay that is only worthwhile due to the dedication and willingness to surrender.

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