Gomovies is a website to show you online movie in a free network and you can download it online also. As you all know that Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and HBO Max are most popular and content rich streaming platform. If you want to watch the most popular movies then you should go to Netflix platform. There is a list of top 10 best heist movies to watch in 2021:-

Inside Man

Inside man

One of the heist thriller movies “Inside Man” is most similar to Money Heist web series. This movie follows the story of a Bank robber Dalton Russell, who plans the perfect robbery in Manhattan bank at Wall Street and control many hostages for his plan. The hostage negotiator Keith Frazier tries to negotiate with Dalton but he is one step behind the mastermind. During this robbery the founder Arthur case, appoint an intelligent problem solver name Madeline white who tries to retrieve something important in the bank. Inside Man movie is available on Netflix streaming platform.

The perfect bank robbery movie is released on 16 Mar 2006 and running time of movie is 2hr 9min. The star cast of inside man movie are Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, Jodie Foster, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Willem Dafoe and Christopher Plummer.

Baby Driver

Baby Driver

Baby Driver is an action crime drama movie. This movie follows a story of a Young Boy name “Baby”, partially impaired driver who can move any vehicle with right track playing. Baby driver was working under the crime boss name Doc, who values his role in planned robbery. While robbery he record every playing track and make a cassette. Baby thinks that he a free man and he run away from this life with his new girlfriend Debora. But Doc makes another plan of robbery for Baby and new unstable crew. Baby Driver is available on Netflix streaming platform.

Baby Driver is released on 11 mar 2017 and running of movie is 1hr 55min. The star cast of baby driver movie Ansel Elgort, Jon Bernthal, Jon Hamm, Eiza Gonzalez, Jamie Foxx and Kevin Spacey.

Ocean's Twelve

Oceans 12

One of the best franchise of Heist drama movies “Ocean’s” make another sequel of crime thriller movie “Ocean’s Twelve” in 2004. This movie follows a story of a Dany Ocean and his associates who thought that they would enjoy their money. But Las Vegas Casino tycoon, Terry Benedict was after this crew for take back his money who stole by Dany Ocean and His associates. So the team now has a new job of getting all the money they stole and spent during time. Then Daniel recruits one more team member so he can pull off the three major European heists. Ocean’s Twelve is available on Amazon Prime Video streaming platform.

Ocean’s Twelve movie is released on 10 Dec 2004 and running time of movie is 2hr 5min. The biggest star cast of Ocean’s twelve movie George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ed Kross and Andy Garcia.

Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky is a comedy crime drama movie which is based on heist in between the car racing. This movie follows the story of two brothers Jimmy Logan and Clyde Logan who tries to steal the Charlotte motor speedway during NASCAR Race. But for the heist they need the help of Safe Breaker Joe Bang, who is currently in Jail doing his time. After that the two brothers make a plan to help Joe to escape the prison and steal the vault in racetrack, run way with the cash. Logan Lucky is available on Amazon Prime Video streaming platform.

This comedy drama heist movie is released on 17 Aug 2017 and running time of movie is 1hr 59min. The star cast of Logan lucky movie are Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, Farrah Mackenzie and Jim O’Heir.

Now You See Me

Now You See me

One of the most popular mystery thriller heist movie “Now You See Me” which is based on a heist planned by magicians. This movie follows the story of four magicians who got invitation from mystery man called Horseman. After one year, the four magicians pulled out to a stage of Las Vegas show as four horsemen and they did a robbery on the bank in live show through magic trick. After that an FBI Agent Dylan Rhodes and Interpol Agent Alma Dray on this case to find that how they did it. However, this mystery is solved by an illusion Exposer Thaddeus Bradley and FBI agents try to stop the next plan of robbery by four horseman. Now You See Me Movie is available on Amazon Prime Video streaming platform.

This highly thrilled movie is released on 21 May 2013 and running time of movie will be 2hr 5min. The star cast of Now You See Me movie are Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Mark Ruffalo and Morgan Freeman.

Den of Thieves

Den Of thieves

Den of Thieves is a crime drama heist movie which is based on intense chase between polices and thieves. This movie follows the story of Los Angeles County Sheriff Nick ‘O’Brian, who tries to stop the robbery in Federal reverse bank of downtown Los Angeles. But the most successful bank robbery crew plan an impossible heist on that bank and then intense chase started between an elite unit of Los Angeles and Outlaws of robbery crew. The Den of thieves is rated 0 star rating in IMDB and it is available on Amazon prime Video streaming platform.

Den of thieves’ movie is released on 19 Jan 2018 and running time of movie is 2hr 28min. The star cast of Den of thieves are Gerard Butler, Pablo Schreiber, Meadow Williams and O’Shea Jackson Jr.

The Vault

The Vault

The freshly new released action heist dram movie “The Vault” is based on heist in most secure Bank of Spain. This movie follows the story of an Engineering graduate Thom, who is interested in Bank of Spain, which has no blueprints available and security system is well known for underground flood system which is active when safe walls is breached. But before the 10 days of world cup of football match Thom learns about that a legendary lost treasure is going to be held in Bank of Spain safe then Thom and Walter (Art Dealer) make a plan to breaking in the bank of Spain. The Vault is available on Amazon Prime Video streaming platform.

The action packed heist drama movie is premiere on 15 Jan 2021 and running time of movie will be 1hr 58min. The star cast of the vault movie are Liam Cunningham, Freddie Highmore, Sam Riley and Emilio Gutierrez Caba.  

To Steal From A Thief

To Steal from a theif

To Steal from a Thief is a Spanish heist thriller movie which is based on bank robbery to political disturbance. This movie follows a story of a group of thieves who are led by a man called El Uruguayo. El wants to steal the safety boxes which in the bank of Valencia and later run away from the dug tunnel which are connected to an abandoned subway station. But the press officer of Prime minister discover that thieves was really after the safety box 314, which holds the documents of compromising information of government. Then Government appoint a fixer who has the mission to control the negotiations and recover the safety box 314. To steal from a Thief movie is available in Amazon Prime Video Streaming Platform.

This heist thriller drama movie is released on 3 Mar 2016 and has a run time of movie is 1hr 37min. The Star Cast of “To Steal from a Thief” are Rordrigo De La Serna, Luis Tosar and Raul Arevalo.

Tower Heist

Tower Heist

In 2011 the heist comedy drama movie “Tower Heist” is released which is based on fictional heist by unprofessional thieves. This movie is started with the Manager Josh Kovaks who managed one of the New York City’s luxurious hotels for more than 10 years. But one day Arthur Shaw, a good friend of Josh gets arrested for fraud and asks help from Josh to watch over his employee’s pension fund. However, the employee’s pension fund “$20 million” of Shaw is gone missing but Josh thinks he knows where it is. Then Josh assembles a group of hard working people who were fallen victim of their wealthy employer’s Ponzi scheme, these people come together and plan a heist. Tower Heist is available in Netflix Streaming Platform.

The American heist comedy film Tower Heist is released on 4 Nov 2011 and running time of movie is 1hr 44min. The star cast of Tower heist are Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller, Casey Affleck and Matthew Broderick.



21 is a Heist drama movie which is inspired by true events of I.T Blackjack team. This movie follows the story of a Young Ben Campbell; highly intelligent student of M.I.T. who tries to collect money to transfer to the best school of medicine “Harvard” because he comes from a poor family. But One Day he met his math Professor Micky, who runs a secret club of five students Choi, Jill, Kianna, miles and fisher who trained under professor for skill of card counting at blackjack. Then Ben joins his friends and went to weekend trips to Las Vegas. By using the skill of card counting these six students won millions of dollars at blackjack in Las Vegas. 21 Movie is rated 6.8 star rating in IMDB website and it is available in Netflix Streaming Platform.

This crime drama movie is released on 28 March 2008 which has run time of movie is 2hr 3min. the star cast of 21 movie are Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth and Kevin Spacey.

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