Looking for good anime series to watch? Here are best anime series of all time to watch. I watched lots of anime, but when I thought of anime that deserved to be on a list must be best and only shows where main lead protagonist is underrated or underdog. Most of the popular anime is catered around underdog character that went to adventurous journey where main protagonist uncovers his super power. Working on this list I tried to add many anime but to add best one is tuff then I decided to examine my own taste and sort of watching different rating websites. There is a list of Top 10 world best monster anime show to watch in 2021:-

1. Claymore

Claymore Anime

Claymore is one of the best anime series known for monster and monster hunter. Yoma, a dangerous monster who can transform and eat humans alive and Claymore a monster hunter who is half human and half yoma. Claymore is trained under the village to hunt the yoma monster. But one day one yoma monster went on a lead character village and then lead character wields the sword to protect the village. To know about the history behind the yoma monster and Monster hunter claymore you have to watch this anime on Hulu streaming platform. Claymore is released on 3 April 2007 and it has one season with 26 Episodes. It is rated 8.0 star rating in IMDB website.

2. Hellsing

Hellsing Anime

Hellsing is a horror supernatural thriller animated show. This anime is set on monstrous vampires but this show has unique storyline which not showcase the overused concept of vampire hunting. Hellsing is an organization who deals with the supernatural threats and has a mission to kill a monstrous vampire. But in this Hellsing hire a powerful vampire Alucard to kill the monstrous vampire. The fight between the vampires is worth of watching. This anime shows has One Season which has total 13 Episodes in it. Hellsing is released on 4 Oct 2003 in Amazon Prime Video Streaming Video. It is rated 7.9 star rating in IMDB Website.

3. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer Anime

Goblin Slayer is an amazing monster anime show which introduced unique, wild and strange monster. This show follows the story of Goblin who is famous for violent nature and rapid reproduction. All Goblins attack on rural areas where they kidnapped young women for breading. A young priestess going for an adventuring party but Goblin attack on this party and form a distress. After that Goblin Slayer who dedicated his life to the extermination of all Goblins Comes for a rescue. Goblin Slayer is released on 7 Oct 2018 in Netflix Streaming Platform. It has only season which has total of 12 Episodes. Goblin Slayer is rated 7.5 Star Rating in IMDB Website. 

4. Berserk

Berserk Anime

One of the best anime filled with action, revenge and monster animated series “Berserk”. This anime show follows the story of Black Swordsman name Gut who pursed towards the demons to kill and vengeance. His goal is to free himself and his lover Casca from the Curse and take revenge upon the demon to his former best friend death. He and his misfit companion went on the quest towards the vengeance. Gut also a Dragon Slayer who has a Black Sword called Elf Puck. Berserk is released on 1 July 2016 in Netflix Streaming Platform. It has two seasons with 25 Episodes in it. Berserk is rated 6.8 star rating in IMDB Website.   

5. Dororo

Dororo Anime

Dororo is an action adventure and demon animation series which is based on Father who sold his new born baby son body parts to demon for complete domination of the country. After that he throw his son into river but a kind sage retrieves the son and adopts him. After time by Sage give prosthetics to the son and baby grows into a boy called himself Hyakkimaru. Every time when Hyakkimaru kill a demon he retrieves his body parts. One Day Hyakkimary help a boy theif name Dororo from the group of man and after that he and his friend Dororo went on a journey to retrives all the parts of Hyakkimaru. Dororo is released on 7 Jan 2019 in Amazon prime video streaming platform. It has only season of total 24 Episodes in it. Dororo is rated 4 star rating in IMDB website.

6. Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss Anime

The story of Made in Abyss animated web series is based on Sci-fi, mystery and beautiful adventure. Made in Abyss story begins with deep down hole in unexplored place in the world called Abyss and nearby strange creatures & full of ancient relics in this gigantic pit. But mean time some bold adventures went down to explore the dangerous pit called as “Cave Raiders”. In the small town near by Abyss, a child name Riko has a dream to became the great cave raider like his mother and solve the mystery behind this Mysterious pit. One day when he roaming around the cave he met a little boy Reg, who later turns out to be a Robot? After this Riko and Reg went on the cave to search his mother who lost within this Titanic Cave. Made in Abyss is released on 7 July 2017 and it has 13 Episodes in single season. This mystery thriller web series is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video Streaming platform and it is rated 8.4 star rating in IMDB website.

7. Re: Zero

Re Zero Anime

Re: Zero – starting life in another world is a fantasy and adventure animated series which is based on unique concept of living live in a time loop. This show is centred around a high school boy name “Subaru Natsuki” who summoned to another world when he way back to home from a convenient store. After that he attacked by some smugglers in fairy world but silver- haired girl Emilia saved him with his talking cat. For returning his favour he went with him to help her to find lost amulet of her. After knowing the house who stole his amulet Subaru and Emilia went to sneak out but he and his new friend Emilia killed by someone. Subaru awakens in the place he was summoned and notices that he has the supernatural power to “Returns by Death”.  Re: Zero – starting life in another world has two seasons which is available in HBO Max streaming platform.  

8. God Eater

God Eater Anime

God Eater is an action sci-fi animated series. This Anime is set in 2071 where the most of the world is destroyed by Aragami, mysterious monster. To save the world and exterminate the Aragami monster, An Organization called Fenrir was made. To kill this type of mysterious monster this organization develops the weapon from the blood cells of Aragami called “God Arcs”. God Arcs also change his form from Blade to Gun. Those who specialize in exterminating Aragami are known as God Eaters. God Eater has one season with 13 Episodes and this show is released on 12 July 2015. God Eater web series is available to watch on Netflix Streaming Platform. This sci-fi web series is rated 7.0 star rating in IMDB website.

9. Seraph of the End

seraph of the end Anime

One the dark fantasy monster animated series “Seraph of the End“. In 2012, the world comes to an end with deadly human made virus and only 13yr old children were untouched with this virus. After the big calamity Vampire emerge from the recesses of earth and to survive this particular situation every children must pay the price with the blood. Yuichiro and his friend who live in an orphanage try to make escape from the captors but during this escape his friend Mikaela scarify himself for yuichiro. After four years Yuichiro dedicates his life to kill the vampire and seek for revenge for murdering his friends and family. Seraph of the end web series released on 04 April 2015 and it has two seasons which has total 24 Episodes which is available on Netflix streaming platform. This horror anime is rated 7.5 star rating in IMDB website.

10. Sirius the Jaeger

Sirius the jaeger Anime

Sirius the Jaeger is an animated web series based on vampires and its history. This anime follow the group of people who carrying musical instrument cases at Tokyo station known by “Jaegers”, who just enter the city to hunt the Vampires. In this group of people a young boy name “Yuliy” also there whose home village destroyed by Vampires. During this hunt Yuliy and Jaegers engage with deadly battle over the mysterious arc known as “The Arc of Sirius”. Sirius the Jaeger web series released on 12 July 2018 and it has only one season which has total Twelve Episodes which is available on Netflix streaming platform. This Mystery thriller web series is rated 6.8 star rating in IMDB website.

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