Looking for the world best mind bending movies? Here we are help you to find the best web series in different streaming platform like Netflix, Amazon prime video, Disney  plus hotstar, Sony Liv and Zee5 original by unique concept, IMDB rating, different genres and powerful action scenes. By looking the list of top 5 world best mind bending web series you will find the best one is in here. If you want to watch the most popular web series then you should go to Netflix platform. There is a list of top 5 world best mind bending movies to watch in 2021:-

1. The Invisible Guest

The invisible guest

The Invisible Guest is true mind bending mystery thriller film which has creative story and its presentation is amazing. This movie is directed by Spanish director Oriol Paulo who is well known for mind bending movies. This movie follows the story of a lead Character Adrian Doria, a wealthy business man who accused and framed of his lover death on mountain hotel. To get out from this situation he hire an expert lawyer Virginia Goodman who is known for creating the best defense. Adrian and his lawyer talk about his relationship with his lover and crime that both suffered when a car crash before coming the hotel. The Invisible Guest is released on 6 Jan 2017 in Netflix Streaming platform.

This crime drama mystery movie is rated 8.1 star rating in IMDB website and running time of movie is 1hr 46min. The cast of the invisible guest movie are Mario Casas, Ana Wagener and Jose Coronado.

2. The Invitation

The Invitation

In 2015 the suspense mystery thriller movie name “The Invitation” based on dinner party invite, suicide and Death cult. This movie follows the story of two lovely couple Will and Eden. After the death of his son by accident his wife is disappeared. Two years later his wife out of the blue returns and invites him to join the dinner party in his home. Will reach to his house and meet with his new husband but he seem find some mysterious and terrifying agenda who his wife has. The invitation movie is released on 8 April 2016 in Amazon Prime Video streaming platform.

This mystery thriller drama movie is rated 6.6 star rating in IMDB website. The star cast of the invitation movie are Logan Marshall-Green, Emayatzy Corinealdi and Michiel Huisman.

3. Fractured


The mystery thriller movie name “Fractured” is an amazing physiological thriller movie which blows your mind with mind blowing storyline. This movie follows the story of lead character Ray, his wife and his daughter who moving from cross country but after time being ray stop at a gas station. His daughter falls from car and break his arm. After this Ray went to hospital and finally gets her to a doctor. Ray’s wife takes his daughter to MRI and Ray fall asleep in chair of lobby. When ray woke up he was shocked to hear that his family is missing and hospital has no record of his family. Fractured is relased on 11 October 2019 which is available to watch in Netflix Streaming Platform.

This mystery drama movie is rated 6.4 star rating in IMDB website and it has running time of movie is 1hr 39min. The cast of fractured movie are Sam Worthington, Lily Rabe and Lucy Capri.

4. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

black mirror bandersnatch

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is an amazing Drama Fantasy Mystery movie and also a part of Black Mirror Anthology web Series. This Movie follows the story of a lead character Stefan, a programming developer of computer game who create a game based on a novel name “Bandersnatch”. In this novel storyline you will make choices and these choices determine the story of life. He get an  opportunity to release the game with Tuckersoft software company. During the game making he choices on this game related reflects the life outside the game. These choices being made is out of control and Stefan going insane mentally. Black Mirror Bandersnatch is released on 28 Dec 2018 in Netflix Streaming Platform. 

This mystery thriller drama movie is rated 7.1 star rating in IMDB website and this movie has running time of movie is 1hr 30min. The cast of black mirror Bandersnatch are Fionn Whitehead, Craig Parkinson and Alice Lowe.

5. Transcendence


Jhonny Depp starrer sci-fi action drama movie “Transcendence” has amazing concept and based on Artificial Intelligence Technology. This movie follow the story of researcher in the field of artificial intelligence name Dr. Will Caster who create a machine that combines the collective intelligence that ever known with full of human emotions. But after this he became popular and also become the prime target of anti- technology extremists who do anything to stop him. But to escape from this he upload his consciousness in this artificial program. Transcendence is released on 18 April 2014 which is available on Netflix streaming

This action sci-fi drama web series is rated 6.2 star rating in IMDB website and the running time of movie is 1hr 59min. The star cast of transcendence movie are Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall and Morgan Freeman.

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