Looking for the world best mind bending web series? Here we are help you to find the best web series in different streaming platform like Netflix, Amazon prime video, Disney  plus hotstar, Sony Liv and Zee5 original by unique concept, IMDB rating, different genres and powerful action scenes. By looking the list of top 5 world best mind bending web series you will find the best one is in here. If you want to watch the most popular web series then you should go to Netflix platform. There is a list of top 5 world best mind bending web series to watch in 2021:-

1. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is a classic mystery horror drama web series which is most critically acclaimed in television series. This web series follows the story of a lead Character FBI Agent Dale Cooper who investigates the case of young girl whose body is found nearby beach of Twin Peaks town. In this process dale uncover some web of mystery which is related to the small town of Washington Twin Peaks. After getting into the town this mystery murder leads to the deep underground truth about the surroundings and his own soul. Twin peaks has two Seasons of total 30 Episodes which is available to watch in Disney Plus Hotstar streaming platform.

This crime drama mystery web series is rated 8.8 star rating in IMDB website. The cast of Twin Peaks are Kyle MacLachalan, Michael Ontkean and Madchen Amick.

2. Counterpart


In 2017 the alternate dimension sci-fi thriller drama web series name “Counterpart” is set on parallel universe spy agency cold war. This web series started with Lowly Cog UN employee Howard Silk, who discovers the secret about his agency that A gateway is hidden beneath the surface which leads to the cold war. After knowing the truth he believes that he can only trust his counterpart from the parallel world. Counterpart is critically acclaimed show which explores the theme of identity, fate and lost love and it is available in Sony Liv streaming platform. The web series has total two seasons which has 20 Episodes and it is rated 1 star rating in IMDB website.

This mystery thriller drama web series is released on 10 Dec 2017. The star cast of counterpart web series are J.K. Simmons, Olivia Williams and Harry Lloyd.

3. The 100

The 100

The sci-fi drama web series name “The 100” is very much popular and in sci-fi journa this web series has its own place. This great show story has amazing concept which make this web series mind bending and Unique. This web series is set after the nuclear war when the whole civilization of earth is destroyed and the only lone survivors are the spaceship hosing society which named the space station “The Ark” where 2400 people live. After 97 years, the system of the ark is failing critically the residents of hosing society sent 100 delinquents prisoners to back to earth to check the earth is habituating again or not. The 100 web series has seven seasons which has total 100 Episodes which is available to watch in Netflix Streaming Platform.

This sci-fi mystery drama show is rated 7.6 star rating in IMDB website and it has seven Seasons which is running from the 19 Mar 2014 to 2020. The cast of the 100 web series are Eliza Taylor, Bob Marley and Marie Avgeropoulos.

4. The OA

the OA

The OA is an amazing mystery drama web series and known for extreme sci-fi, Supernatural and Fantasy elements. This web series follows the story of a lead character Prairie Jhonson who gone missing seven years ago, when she was blind. But Some reasons Prairie returns his home in twenties and his eye sight is restored. After that neighbourhood believe that this is miracle but some people say she could be dangerous. This Netflix original web series has to be in five part but Netflix release only two seasons with cliff-hanger ending scene. The OA web series is released on 16 Dec 2016 in Netflix Streaming Platform. 

This fantasy drama web series is rated 7.8 star rating in IMDB website and this web series has total of 16 Episodes. The cast of the OA are Brit Marling, Jason Isaacs and Scott Wilson.

5. See


Jason Momoa starrer sci-fi drama web series “SEE” has amazing concept and visual. This TV-Series is set on Far in the future, where the human race has lost has sense of sight to see and society of tribes tries to find the new ways to interact with the nature build and survive. After some time there is charismatic thing is happen when two children are born with the eye sight and then survival journey begins when the witchfinders attacks the same village of Alkenny. This web series is working on a second season which is set to be premiered in 2021. See web series has Eight Episodes which is available on Apple TV+ streaming platform. This action sci-fi drama web series is rated 7.6 star rating in IMDB website and the first episode of this web series is released on 1 Nov 2019. The star cast of See web series are Jason Momoa, Sylvia Hoeks and Hera Hilmar.

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