Vikrant Rona: First look of Jacqueline Fernandez, Release Date and Star Cast of Fantasy movie

Vikrant Rona movie

First look of Jacqueline Fernandez revealed on 31 Aug, 2021 for movie “Vikrant Rona”. Vikrant Rona is an upcoming Kannada 3D action adventure fantasy movie with featuring superstar Kichcha Suddep in the male lead hero. Jacqueline revealed his character name “Gadang Rakkamma” in her tweet. In we look into the poster, we see she pose with sudeep and wears sultry tradditinal attire. She also says that “What Rakkamma doesn’t know, doesn’t exist”.

This fantasy thriller movie is directed by Anup Bhandari, who featuring some great stars Kichcha Sudeep Nirup Bhandari, Jacqueline Fernandez and Neetha Ashok in important roles. The creators of this movie also decide they will release this movie simultaneously in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. This movie was shot in last year in massive sets built at Hyderabad’s.

Vikrant Rona is set to be released on 19 August, 2021 in theatres in 3D format. The first look of vikrant rona movie will showcase the Bhrj Khalifa, Dubai which is shared by Sudeep Birthday. Kichcha Sudeep resembles the look of Indian Jones and main plot of this movie is certainly linked with Dubai’s Burj Khailfa.

The star cast of Vikrant Rona movie will be Kichcha Sudeep as Vikrant Rona, Jacqueline Fernandez as Rakkamma, Nirup Bhandari as Sanjeev Gambhira, Neetha Ashok as Aparna Ballal in pivotal roles. Heroxicated Armaan as Armaa, Siddu Moolimani, Sandesh Jain, Divyam Agarwal and Ravishankar Gowda will play supporting roles.

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