Vivo Movie Review: Netflix Film with Musical Tale and Vibrant Visual

Vivo movie review

Sony Pictures Animation Adventure movie “Vivo” is released with the colourful theme, Salsa music, Comedy and Drama. This film focuses on Lin-Manel Miranda as Vivo who is musically talented, Kinkajou who is a tropical mammal that looks like monkey cat hybrid performing in the streets of Havana in Cuba with his owner Andrés played by
Juan de Marcos González.

The Story of Vivo Movie started with bright neon’s colour and pastels set up. One day Andrés save little kinkajou (Honey Bear) failing from the tree and then Kinkajou living with Andrés and they were singing in the streets of Havana. Vivo who also love to sing the music is joined with Andrés in lively square of Havana. But there is tragedy happen to Andrés when he receives a letter from the famous Marta Sandoval. In this letter Marta inviting her old partner Andrés in his last farewell concert with the hope to be reconnecting. After that Andrés looking into his old letter or Song which represents a love letter to Marta who he never Deliver to her.

Kinkajou takes this old letter and tells his friend Vivo to deliver this song to Marta in his last Concert. After that Vivo decided that she need someone help and went to Andrés Grand Niece Gabi. The musical adventurous journey started to fulfil the final wish of Andrés. Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote original songs for this movie apart from the voice of the titular Vivo.

Relese Date and Rating of the Movie

The musical adventure comedy animation movie “Vivo” is released on 6 August 2021 in Netflix Streaming platform. Vivo movie is opening with cheerful beginning, struggles and heart melting ending. Stars Bryan Tyree Henry and Nicole Byer Cameo will be appearing in this movie. Michael Rooker will be playing the villainous python that put road blocked in Vivo Mission. 

Critic Rating :

Vivo Movie is rated 3.0 star rating by average user critic rating. Director Kirk DeMicco and Brandon Jeffords will be directing this movie. Kirk DeMicco is best known for having the Dreamwoks Hit film “The Croods”. Vivo is the third film that Sony Pictures Animation collaborates with Streaming giant Netflix after the Covid-19 pandemic in the world.

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