What If…? Episode 1 Review : Captain Cater in Marvel Animated Anthology Series

What...If Episode 1 review

Marvel latest streaming series “What if…? is MCU first animated project or first MCU animated series which is based on explore the different scenarios for how Marvel Original storyline would have changed with one little change. The animated Anthology series explores an event in the MCU from the alternate universe where the Major characters that we know and love are forced into the new circumstances and could change the plot of original timeline of history.

The synopsis of What…If? Episode 1, we start with an MCU favourite character, as “What if Captain Carter were the first Avenger?” The ominous introduction of the watcher aka Utau who observes all the realities. We were taken into the World War II and the events of first captain America film transformation scene. Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) is injected with the super soldier serum instead of male counterpart Steve Rogers. She proceeds to bash into the way through the World war II where she became Captain Carter and Skinny Steve is along the side with the Hydra Stomper Suit Created by Howard Stark. We see Peggy as Captain Carter, a super soldier and Proto-Iron man Steve leads the fight against the Red Skull (Ross Marquand).

At the end of the episode we see Peggy Carter sacrifices herself by pushing herself with giant tentacle monster into Interdimensional portal. She into the present day with the monster has been sliced up and Nick fury and Hawkeye are entering the room to meet her. Nick Fury tells that it has been 70 years from the World War II ended. The shows set up the inevitable climax meanwhile what…if? Episode 1 is telling the stories that has not been took place in the MCU universe. That the thing this show has plenty of freedom to take changes that other show doesn’t.

This first episode is compelling with the story of Peggy Carter perspective which gives different vibe to the MCU universe. Hayley Atwell brings some depth to the experience in the heartfelt moment with the Steve Rogers. We see Steve Rogers who remains skinny kid from Brooklyn is very much fits to the supporting role and being there to fight alongside with Peggy. The battle sequences are vibrant and fun. I love the animation where Peggy fight with Cartoonish Nazis soldier while capturing the all the major plot into the 30 minutes Episode.   

What If...? Episode 1 is streaming on Disney Plus Platform

Marvel Studios What If…? Series is available on Disney Plus streaming platform and the Ten- episodes will be featured in this new freshly season. After watching the first Episode I am cautiously waiting for what could be what…if? Series next episodes will be.       

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